Romantic Love Poems

Here's another collection of romantic love poems I've written.

Love can be a wondrous thing. It can be many a thing - soothing, calming, overwhelming, chaotic, noisy, quiet, peaceful, heartbreaking, blissful, laughter, happiness, tears, anger, bewilderment, hope, courage and so much more...

If there's something that can cause you to experience a whole range of emotions, from climbing to the heights of haven and then plunging down endlessly towards despair the next moment, it might be... love.

Some of these poems flowed out from my own dating episodes, previous relationships, and present relationship. Some are also based on my daydreams, inner thoughts or others' stories that I happened to have a glimpse into.

Different people will get different messages out from each individual poem. I just hope these poems leave you with a good feeling. :)

I'll like to leave you with this quote to think about...

"Love is a choice you make from moment to moment."
~ Barbara De Angelis

Romantic Love Poem

(An Invisible Hold, Exclusive Relationship)

Dating Love Poem

(An Arranged Date)

Dating Poem

(Firsts on First Date)

Dating Poems

(Love Tank, Planning for Love Success, Put Yourself Out for Love)

Free Love Poems Online

(Sensual and Sexy Woman, The Fairytale)

Funny Teenage Love Poems

(Dancing Our Dance, Mr. Popular, Stealing Glances)

Good Love Poem

(Accepting Him and His Love)

Good Love Poems

(We are Love Partners, Web of Love)

Heart Touching Love Poems

(Not the Last on My List, Old-Time Swing)

I'm Sorry Love Poems

(Breaking Our Hearts, Small Issue)

Inspiring Love Poems

(Keep Love Fresh Like Bread, Love Opens Doors)

Lonely Love Poems

(Attracting Love, Finding Love)

Long Distance Love Poem

(Love Across Miles)

Modern Love Poems

(Your Words Lit Me Up, Your Kind of Beauty)

Silly Love Poems

(Bacon and Egg Sandwich, Love Prayer)

Simple Love Poems

(Someone Who's There, Unlocking Love Treasure Box)

Single Love Poems

(Believe in Love, Love Hope)

Small Love Poems

(Love Clues, Special You)

Urban Love Poems

(Imperfect Love, Thanks for the Contrasts)

Wedding Love Poems

(I'm So Glad It's You!, Mr. and Mrs.)

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