Short Love Poems

You'll find here a collection of original short love poems that's easy to understand.

A few short lines could capture feelings of love, a shared experience or a sweet memory carefully stored away in the mind. They help one to express one's feelings and creativity with words chosen with care, and also reveal the depth of one's underlying emotions.

I've written these short poems about love to encapsulate a portion of my love and romantic memories, freezing those memories in a moment of time. Others are written based on my own imagination or observations.

I have a tendency to go for the more light-hearted, positive experiences and feelings about love. Life is not everyday roses, but we can choose to stop and pick out the pretty ones to shine light on. ;-)

What follow are some short romantic love poems (usually 6 lines or lesser) that celebrate love!

These poems will go very well as greeting card poems for Valentine's Day, anniversaries and love occasions (if you do use it as a personal greeting card poem, all I ask of you is to include the author's name and this website address).

I hope these poems will inspire you to write your own short poems. Surprise and delight your partner or spouse with your self-penned love poem!

Short Love Poems

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