Short Funny Love Poems

A collection of original short funny love poems to make you smile at the funny and comical sides of love.

When you are dating or in a relationship, not everything will always turn out rosy and perfect. Oftentimes, you find yourself having to deal with the not so pretty realities of life, not so perfect dates, and incidents that are just downright funny.

To make yourself feel better, you might even inject some humor into your memories to make them more... digestible.

So, here's not just one funny love poem but several to bring you amusement, and sometimes ironical views of love and romance. ;-)

Funny Love Poems

Connected Parts

You adoringly pulled me close
So you could feel me in your arms
Till your chin connected with my head
It's more like ouch and pain
And vigorous rubbing away of hurt
Gotta work on your estimation skill!

by Fion Lim

Dangling Carrot

You said if I were to stay with you
I was sure to get married to you one day
Except the wedding date wasn't guaranteed
I just gotta wait it all out it would seem
Time to ditch the man who dangled the carrot!

by Fion Lim

Date Jitters

Though you tried to appear calm and cool
Delivering a supply of animating stories
You never failed to drink from your latte
At the speed of one sip per every few seconds
Glass knocking upon table each time you did
You had it all down within fifteen minutes!

by Fion Lim

Illusionary Future

I thought you would turn out great
As you painted a glorious future of us both
Going along with your towering imagination
Till time slipped by and yet you remained
The little guy and not the giant you imagined
Should have pressed you down to thumbnail size!

by Fion Lim

In a Bookstore

Casually browsing through books
You materialized right beside me
Bombarding me with a series of questions
Was this an in-store practical joke game
Till you whipped out your cell phone
So you could punch in my phone number!

by Fion Lim

My Last Pie

In the fridge there were three pies left
One for me, one for you and one for your brother
When I had the urge to go finish up my pie
I opened up the fridge to find it clean of pies
And you sheepishly defended you thought I wanted no pie!

by Fion Lim

Parking His Car

Till this day we never quite figured it out
On that freezing cold day when we were trembling
Your brother parked his car at the other end
And walked all the way to where we were standing
Just so he could pick up our bags and walk us over
When he could have simply driven his car to our spot!

by Fion Lim

Sacrificing a Comfy Bed

Love could send one far away
Forgoing the warm and comfy bed at home
All across the miles and oceans tediously
Transported to another time and place
Just to share and sleep on a hard bed!

by Fion Lim

Sweaty Palms

We love a warm and dry hand to hold
As you held my left hand in your right
Supposedly such a sweet tender moment
Ruined by the moist in between palms
Caused by nervousness on my part
You teasingly pulled away to dry!

by Fion Lim

Your Bigger Portion

I tried to let you be the gentleman
To pick up the dinner tab without any hassle
You did pick it up with something along the line
"I had a bigger portion so I would pay for us this time"
OK I think small portions suit my body and my purse just fine.

by Fion Lim

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