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Be it that you're looking for haiku love poems on dating, relationship, wedding or marriage, you'll find them all here.

I've never attempted to write any haiku before till I started to write for this page.:-) Once I started, I didn't stop till I hit 41 of them. Incredible!

Two years ago, I didn't even know what a haiku is. It's my friend Tanja Cilia who introduced me to haikus. Tanja is such a creative soul and like a haiku-generating machine, she churns out one haiku after another covering a wide range of topics. It's as if inspiration floats to her from thin air! You can look at her extensive collection here.

Simply put, haikus are 3 lines short poems. Traditionally, a Japanese haiku follows a 5 syllable - 7 syllable - 5 syllable metrical format with a seasonal reference. Ah... but I'm writing it a little differently here. I still played within the 5-7-5 structure, but it's to find the right words to describe an observation, a fleeing moment, and feelings about love before it all escaped away forever...

You should try writing a haiku one day if you've not done so. I tell you, it's so much fun! It's like eating your favorite snack, once you had a bite, you wanted more and more bites! Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend, your partner or your spouse with a haiku or two!

Romantic Love Idea - Set up a love haiku challenge session. See who can come up with the most haiku love poems within 30 minutes. The winner gets to pick the next date venue! That's a great way to celebrate love!

Love Haikus About Online dating

Haiku Love Poems

Should I should I not
Dip into online dating
An untamed frontier

Many choose not to
Expose real identities
Assume cool nicknames

So many profiles
Eyes scanning photos and text
Whom should I write to?

You got new message
Anything is possible
Keep an open mind

Formalities done
The guessing game had began
Do I quit it now?

Wish I have third eye
Players and scammers keep out
Let this be friendly

It's a mindless game
Playing about like a sleuth
Reveal your real self!

Actively chatting
Learning about agendas
No longer naive

The date had been fixed
No idea of how you look
Blindness of online dating

A positive friend
My biggest gain in this game
Made it all worthwhile

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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