Haiku Love Poems About Dating

Will he be calling
Why can't I hear the ringing
He likes me or not

A new SMS
Setting my hope up again
Finally you wrote!

Marking down the date
Heart living in the future
Till I next see you

Thought you interested
A date was already set
Work was too busy

First date was alright
Promising was second date
Let's continue on

Your best behavior
Would not seal a commitment
But get the next date

Sincerity rules
More than sweet words or suaveness

Don't be so awkward
You can slurp the soup noodles
Have a happy meal

The more I see you
The more I think about you
Choices running wild

As I date you more
I discover different sides
Fascinating me

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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