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Want to write some cute love messages for your sweetheart but run out of ideas of what to write?

Here's a collection of love messages submitted by site visitors. Browse through them for ideas to use in your in your messages, cards, letters, etc to bring romance and love to your special someone.

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Cute Love Messages

On my napkin in my lunch each day which my new bride packed for me, she would write a note to me:

"To my hubby, I hope that you are thinking of me as you eat your lunch today, know that I am thinking of you, and cannot wait until we can be together again this evening."

How sweet and how precious.

My love is unconditional, may it surround you, when you are far away. I will think of you often and hold you when you are near. Miles will not take my love from you. It is given freely and knows no boundaries.

Beautiful locks:

Your hair is as beautiful as the sunshine on a crisp fall day,
I like the way it brushes my face and makes my frame sway,
Lean your head on my shoulder and allow me to run my hands through it,
If I may...

The only time I am ever lonely is when we have to spend time apart, and every moment spent with you is a moment in bliss, and it's only dwarfed by the next moment we spend together.

Though the days grow shorter and shorter,
And the rain weeps on and on,
Despite the dark fields that separate us,
The sunlight that has passed between you and me,
Will soon nourish the seed of our reunion.

I love you more than a duck can swim
A bird can fly, or bee can sting.
I love you more than she loves him
Or he loves her, more than anything.

You are the most amazing man I've ever met.
You are truly my opposite.
I run into walls and you know enough to walk around them.
I will love you forever.
I know you will help guide me in this world.

Submitted by: Divya Antony (India)
LOVE is a lovely track...
Traveled by two with hand in hand to care,
to share, to forgive, to live and say silently
"I am always with you my dear".

Oh! Dear love where are you?
Nowhere else I found you love.
Some said you are in an island,
for others it is a peak or a meadow.
But only you and me know the secret
as we are nowhere else only in each other's
heart submerged deep in love!

Submitted by: Timothy R. (U.S.A)
Roses are red and smell wonderful,
Oranges are orange, yummy, and healthy,
Yield signs are yellow and are necessary for safety,
Grapes are green and delicious,
Blueberries are blue and also delicious,
Igloos could have eskimos wearing indigo clothing, and
Vases with violet flowers are lovely but you are more lovely
than everything I have mentioned combined.

Love is a beautiful feeling, no one can escape from it. Keep your heart simple and flexible to gain more love, love is a sparkling word that comes and goes without our knowledge, so enjoy each moment with your loved ones...

I want to see you in front of me whenever I open my eyes because my love, you are one for the world but for me you are the whole world.

The greatest weakness most of us has is the hesitation to tell our loved ones how much we love them while they are still alive and near. I don't want to miss my chance with you. So let me say it now... I love you...

Would you smile if I gave you chocolates?
Would you melt if I gave you roses?
Would you giggle if I gave you a teddy bear?
Perhaps you would, but that's not what I have for you.
My love is what I have for you and give to you,
So please smile, melt and giggle too.

Though I have often made you angry you and you have made me angry, we truly push each other to the most that we can be. Show me another pair who maybe do not fight, and I will show you a pair that has not seen the light.

Submitted by: Akshata S.N. (India)
Oh my love, I love you so much.
Your love is a world of enchantment to me.
How can I live without you,
When the whole world is nil without you?

Your care is as cool as the breeze
Your affection is as warm as the sun
Your trust is as high as the sky
Your love is as deep as the ocean

Oh my love, how can I live with out you
When the whole world is nil without you?
Your love is a world of enchantment to me.

When you take me on a long walk
Hand in hand, and say how much you love me
I swear my love, a tear falls out my eye and
I feel I am the happiest person in this world.

Oh my love, how can I live with out you,
When the whole world is nil without you?
Your love is a world of enchantment to me.

Only in my fantasies would I find a love such as you my dear. Fantasies don't come true do they? I fantasized about things before and never did they come true until the day I met you.

Then my biggest fantasy came true when you loved me too.

Thank you my dear for making my fantasy come true.

I will love you always.

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