Marriage Proposal Ideas

Here's where you can find romantic marriage proposal ideas submitted by site visitors.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

For romantic proposals that leave an unforgettable impression, be sure to read through each of these ideas. Any of these ideas could very well be what you're looking for exactly, or act as the launching pad to the perfect plan you're trying to come up with.

A proposal usually comes with a lot of expectations from both parties. The most ingenious proposal I've read of so far from somewhere else goes along like this:

Guy had his good friend to illustrate a fairytale storybook that tells of his love story with his beloved girlfriend. Then he brought her to a library. Later they found a quiet seating place outside in the open. He said he had borrowed a children book that he'd love to read to her and the girl was all attentive.

As he read from the storybook about the princess and the court jester, she quickly realized that the fairytale was turning out to resemble very much of their own love story.

Saving the best for last, when the guy flipped over to the ending pages, it showed the court jester proposing to the princess, and the location was the exact place where they were sitting right now! That's when the guy formerly proposed to his love.

How sweet is that? Although it was a very private and intimate affair involving only the two of them, to me the guy really took efforts to create a very romantic, touching and brilliant proposal! :)

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Romantic Proposals

Learn how a little fortune cookie, your local bank, leaving a note on her pillow, and a promise ring treasure hunt could each lead to a beautiful plan unfolding.

Romantic Proposal Ideas

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Marriage Proposal Idea

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Engagement Proposal

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Engagement Proposals

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