Romantic Proposal Ideas

Here's four romantic proposal ideas that focus on different destinations where you can pop the big question. These are ideas submitted by site visitors.

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Romantic Proposal Ideas No. 1
Her Favorite Band Concert

Romantic Proposal Ideas

"A way to propose: Bring her to a concert of her favorite band. Buy her everything she wants and not protest no matter how much she wants. Then, when the band is done performing, the singer calls you up because you had a special request. She gives you a questioning glance and you shrug. When you go up stage, you take the microphone and say:

'Well I've had 15 tequila shots and I was thinking this is a great idea. Baby, will you marry me?'"

Romantic Proposal Ideas No. 2 & 3
Top of the Mountain & a Sacred Place

Submitted by: Pat (New Hampshire, USA)
"I have two ideas that are very, very similar in my eyes, but are probably quite different in your eyes! The first idea is to take the tram to the height of a very high mountain -- such as Mount Rendezvous in the Grand Teton Range (Wyoming). At the top you walk a bit on the trails in spring or summer weather, then find a great place to sit on the rocks and look at the world spread before you. Two little ground squirrels keep watching you while they play. Open your backpack, spread out a bandana, set out a simple snack that includes two bottles of a favorite sparkling drink or water. Now it is time to propose -- but you will need to decide just how wordy, poetic or quiet to be -- myself, I think it can all be said by looking into one another's eyes!

My second idea is a different kind of mountain top -- it is indoors, in a great and sacred space. You are in front of an altar, but there probably isn't a service going on. There may be tourists wandering about, respectfully. Maybe you are in Westminster Abbey, or Washington Cathedral, or St. Patrick's in New York. you could even be in the reconstructed Buddhist Temple in the Museum of fine Arts in Boston. If this is me and I am very lucky, the great organ is producing a huge voluntary, or we are in the middle of a concert or service with fantastic music. As if on some cosmic cue, we find ourselves facing each other, and I quietly hold your hand in mine, put a ring in your palm, and close your fingers over it with a squeeze and a deep, communing gaze.

Wishing you all much love."

Romantic Proposal Ideas No. 4
Evening Picnic

"First of all take your girlfriend on a long drive in the evening and when the sun is just about to set, take her to the beach (not frequented area) where you have also managed the wine and eatables.Then put in a toast for the two of you and tell her that she is the most beautiful thing which ever happened to your life. Present her with a necklace which you must tie around her neck. Then bend on your knees and present her with a beautifully carved diamond ring and propose to her for a marriage."

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