The Best Love Poems of Fion Lim

Here's a collection of the best love poems written by Fion Lim.

If you're looking for her original love poems that's usually inspiring, simple, and heartfelt, you're at the right place. Let her words lead you to be love-inspired.

Simple love poems can be a splendid way to celebrate love, and writing your own love poem is a very creative way to express your love feelings to your beloved. May these poems encourage you to pour out your feelings into a poem.

Although Fion considers herself to be an amateur at writing poems, and know little of stanza, meter or rhyme, her poems are lines straight from her heart.

Fion hopes that you'll find a few poems here that resonate with your innermost thoughts, give voice to your unspoken feelings, and perhaps condense your personal experiences into lines.

May you take away something meaningful from reading her works. Enjoy!

Confused Love

(Slip Roads, Two Fallen Stars)

Deep Romantic Love

(Deep Story-Telling, Our Guiding Love)

Falling in Love

(They Fall in Love, Am I Falling?)

Free Romantic Poems

(So In Love, Soaring Creativity, Let's Enjoy The Seas)

Friendship and Love

(Wish to Know You Better, Little Islet Adventure, Much More Than Just Friends)

Love For Him

(Angel in Disguise, As I Race Through Life)

Love for Husband

(Once a Stranger, Real Love, You Are Here With Me)

Love for Husband 2

(A Brand New Morning, Blessed to Have You)

Love You So Much

(Love You So Much)

Miss You

(I Miss You My Love, We Had a Few Words)

Poems about Lost Love

(I Lost Our Love, Seasons of Love)

Read Love Poems

(Loving a Woman, My Oh My You Real Men)

Rhyming Poems

(Busy Schedules, Undefeated Love, Holding Hands, What is Love Made Of?)

Sexy Love

(The Lovers' First Kiss)

Sweet Teenage Love

(You Are My World)

To Boyfriends

(Simple Love, Your Smile)

To My Wife

(Miracles of Sunset Days, My Warrior Wife)

Troubled Relationship

(Open Heart and Ears)

True Love Poem

(True Love)

Valentine's Day

(Colors of Your Love, My Favorite Subject)

Why I Love You

(Why I Love You)

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