Friendship and Love Poems

Friendship and Love Poems

Here's 3 poems that I'm putting under Friendship and Love poems.

Sometimes your love interest in a friend might not be mutual and so your love feelings aren't reciprocated. Yet the roller-coaster feelings you experienced during the attraction period could be intense.

Then there will also be some friendships that blossomed into fruitful love relationships.

What's the difference between a friendship and a love? It can be hard to put into words. But a love can be likened to a friendship with the added ingredients of physical attraction and physical intimacy.

Meantime, enjoy these Friendship and Love poems and I hope you'll be inspired to write your own love poem!

Friendship and Love Poems -
Wish to Know You Better

You drew my attention for being
the tall quiet sincere guy
whose glances radiated warmth
exhibiting a compassionate nature
You're a library I've never been to

You appeared solid and trustworthy
there when you're most needed
exuding strength and reliability
readily committing your time to help
You're a library that piqued my interest

You revealed your willingness
to expand and to serve humanity
your choices brought us that meet up
to me these are wonderful qualities
You're a library I wished to visit

I recognized your immense value
I've heard of good stories about you
I had a dream about you
I dreamed to read the books you own
You're a library I wished to be familiar

Should you already be promised
thanks for clearing up my doubts
showing me traits I deem as desirable
in a guy that I'll like to be with

Thanks for making me dreamed about
you as a library that belongs to me
even if it's only for those few moments
as a library ultimately belongs to all

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Friendship and Love Poems -
Little Islet Adventure

We're just getting to know each other
You suggested a little islet trip
Where we could have an adventure
For it's just a short ferry ride away
Being on the islet was a removed experience
From the main island and back to days of old
Where life is simpler and nature abounds
Distance is covered by foot or bicycles
Riding bicycles on roads and through trails
With what seem like little peaks and valleys
You led me off the beaten paths here and there
Exploring trails I wouldn't have gone otherwise
I took it all in stride and followed you along
Getting out of dead ends and over bumpy paths
Encountering a dashing across wild boar
Sighting a slithering snake which I missed
Surrounded by trees bushes and the forest
One trail led to another and then to another
Sweaty faces exhausted bodies we continued on
Occasionally stopping to check out the maps
Observing you trying to figure out the way to go
Getting on our bicycles for the twentieth time
Looking at me with a smile you asked
If I were all exhausted and needed a break
I smiled and replied yes I'm a little tired
But we would have to get back before sun down
You smiled and said these words to me
"I'm impressed you're taking well
To this than being an all city girl"
I absorbed your words and I smiled in response
"I'm a super sticker now" and we laughed
Which you replied with a "Me too" while I sensed
Your attraction to me riding up a few notches

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Friendship and Love Poems -
Much More Than Just Friends

I remember how we used to be just good friends
We were both young and curious about lives
Our aspirations and dreams were riding high
We traded stories and talked till dawn arrived
Like good friends we cheered each other on

Although we might be of the opposite gender
We didn't let that get in the way of our friendship
But as the years went by you somehow changed
You showed extra gentleness and care
I could feel a different kind of vibe from you
You stared at me when you thought I didn't see

Our friendship began to take on a new twist
I too started to see you in a different light
I began to think about things I never used to
Like how it would feel to have your lips on mine
I wondered how it would feel to be in your arms

When you left for studies overseas for awhile
I felt this big gaping hole within me that hurt
I held onto every piece of news I could get of you
The slow months passed and finally you were back
The hug you gave me was intimate and lingering
It was as if you didn't want to ever let me go

Pulling me up real close against you one night
You transformed our friendship into something else
It's all now sweet memories as I glanced down
Softly looking at the your hand covering mine
We might start out as friends in support of each other
But you've come to mean so much more than just friends
Isn't it a gift that our friendship has turned into love?

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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