Men Made Easy by Kara Oh

12 Simple Secrets to Long-Lasting Love

Men Made Easy ebook

Men Made Easy is a practical program to transforming your love life, a home-study course written for women by nationally known and respected dating and relationship expert, Kara Oh.

Whether you're just dating, in a relationship or already married for years, you'll certainly benefit from the 12 Simple Secrets revealed by Kara in her eBook. All the information are gathered through her comprehensive two-year study, research and interviewing of hundreds of men to find out what really make them tick.

The ebook in the program is an easy read because it's written like a narrative story revolving around three women Carol, Jenny and Beth, who have been friends since childhood and their encounters with a lady called Diedra, who will teach them the secrets to transforming their love lives.

The ebook will open your eyes to the real truth about men. Are you baffled with questions like what men really want? Why men do what they do? What cause them to react in the way they do? Kara has answers for you.

Just imagine if you can gain amazing leverage by finding out what your guy really wants even if he himself doesn't know about it! Imagine how phenomenal your relationship will become if you have the tools to get your man to react in the way you want!

Find out how you can let him fall madly in love with you and become the woman he adores and cherishes...

Note: This program includes an e-Book, e-Workbook and audio recording and these are available for immediate download after purchase. No shipping/postal fee!

Men Made Easy - Gives Me Results

To me, the 185-page ebook is almost like a little "instruction manual" to understanding my guy. It greatly reduces the frustrations I was likely to experience had I not grasped this information!

After going through the love-enhancing information, I found myself shifting within and it opened my eyes to seeing my boyfriend in a better light, which in turn makes me feel softer, more feminine and loving towards him. It lets me understand men.

In Chapter 4, I picked up a little technique that wonderfully allows my guy to open up to me more. :) My boyfriend is a rather quiet and reserved guy and... it's frustrating at times. You know, he just doesn't rattle on like my girlfriends do and seldom have much to say! When I first tried this little technique on him, I was surprised how it allowed him space to share more than he ever did with me!

More importantly, I've learned to embrace my Feminine Grace which lets me rejoice in being a woman. And I've learned a few things about what I would like to see in my relationship.

I now choose to focus more on my boyfriend's masculine qualities instead of fretting over his sometimes baffling behavior and learn how to get to his heart...

Update 2010: I've since married my then-boyfriend and I continue to reap the benefits of the secrets I've learned in this program.

Men Made Easy - Do the Exercises

Please don't just get this program and read the e-Book and not do the exercises in the accompanying workbook. It's much more effective when you commit yourself to doing the exercises after reading each chapter.

I was tempted to skip them at first but I went through each of them.

Doing the exercises put me on a self-discovery journey. I've discovered my expectations about myself, my boyfriend (now my husband) and our relationship. I've also learned to appreciate him a lot more and pick up new ways to interact with him.

Men Made Easy - Love the Audio Recording

The audio recording where Kara read the book in its entirety is already in itself worth the program price, at least that's how I feel!

I spend a lot of time on my computer so it's very useful to have the audio to listen to instead of reading the ebook online. I would play one of the chapters whenever I needed a break, and took my tired eyes offline. I really like this!

I hope that through repeated listening over time, I can take the 12 Simple Secrets to heart and have more love and trust grow in my relationship out of my new-found understanding of men.

Men Made Easy - Table of Contents

Wondering what Kara would talk about in her ebook/audio? Here's a peek at the contents:

Chapter 1 — How you can make your dreams come true.

Chapter 2 — Why you have the power in your relationship.

Chapter 3 — Why a defensive man cannot love.

Chapter 4 — Why men crave intimacy more than women do.

Chapter 5 — How most men express intimacy.

Chapter 6 — Why monogamy is so difficult for men.

Chapter 7 — Why men need to feel successful.

Chapter 8 — Why men are driven to make women happy.

Chapter 9 — Why men are willing to face rejection.

Chapter 10— Why men are so cautious about commitment.

Chapter 11— Why men need concise communication.

Chapter 12— Feminine Grace and Intuition: Without them the Twelve Simple Secrets won’t work.

Extra - How to Make Her Happy — A Quick Guide For Guys

If you still long for romantic love in your relationship, if you're still looking for secrets that could save your marriage, I would highly recommend you to get Men Made Easy! Don't miss out on the FREE videos where Kara will share what is keeping you from finding your Mr. Right. View these free videos by visiting

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