Love Poems Husband

Love Poems Husband is a collection of two original love poems written with the husbands in mind.

Falling in love isn't a hard thing, but it takes effort to stay in love with your husband. So I've created these poems to paint of the hopes and wishes for an enduring marriage to the man you've married.

May these poems resonate with the deep whisperings of your heart and wishing you a successful, beautiful and eternal married life!

Love Poems Husband

Love Poems Husband -
A Brand New Morning

A brand new day is being born,
right before our freshly peeled eyes,
you are right there next to me,
to behold this quiet awakening,
of the world at our reserved corner,
where you and I exist in tranquility.

On this very early morning,
where we arose earlier than usual,
With me nestling snugly in your arms,
head gently tucked under your chin,
we look out the window with relish,
gazing into the birth of a dewy day,
raising our hopes for a winning day.

Waking up beside you this morning,
feels like a novel burst of freshness,
mingling with the newness of a day,
I wish I will delight in many more,
such revitalizing morning breaks,
basking in a cycle of renewal with you,
with rising hopes for an enduring love.

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Love Poems Husband -
Blessed To Have You

Recalling all the happy moments
I feel joyful to have you
To share the laughter and good cheer with
Recalling all the difficult times
I feel encouraged to have you
Beside me giving me support and strength
Recalling all the sad times
I feel comforted to have you
To hold me in your arms and let me cry
Recalling all the everyday moments
My dear I feel simply loved by you
For all the moments with you
Through the ups and downs of life
At each single moment in time
From my heart I say thank you
Because I understand how hard
You work to make yourself a great husband
And my love, I'm blessed so blessed
To have you right beside me
To walk through the days of my life
So intertwined with yours in a loving way
To be married to you is one of the
Best choices I've ever made and
I still marvel at the wonderful man you are
And I trust you with my heart
I'm still in love with you my darling
Just like the day when I said "I do" to you

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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