Love Poems for Husband

Here's some Love Poems for Husband that highlight the beautiful aspects of having the man you love to share your life journey with.

The journey and experiences you've gained together, the ups and downs, the seasons of life, the bitter and the sweet and so much more.

More importantly, it's how grateful and blessed you feel to have such a wonderful man in your life.

May you be inspired by these Love Poems for Husband enough to pen your own special love poem for your darling husband!

Love Poems for Husband

Love Poems for Husband -
Once a Stranger

It's unbelievable how we could ever
have been strangers to one another
yet that's really how we first met
all those many days and years ago

Looking at us now it would seem
we were put together right from
the beginning of yours and my life
with never a day apart from each other

Could it be that time slipped by
through our fingers like fine sand
so quickly without us even noticing it
how we've grown so comfortable with
each other being a big part of our lives

It's like we've loved each other
for so very long it just appears
we're a natural extension of one another
and without a doubt without a question
we would remain so till the very end

If someone were to come and
perhaps ask me in a curious tone
"Could you imagine you two
were strangers who'll never meet?"

I would look totally perplexed
and I would reply without hesitation
"Then I rather not have come
into existence if it means
I would forever remain strangers
with my dearest love!"

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Love Poems for Husband -
Real Love

My dear loving hubby
how the years rolled by
during early falling in love
how we almost threw our
hearts mindlessly to the wind
Reigning ourselves in
this love was too important

While I made efforts
not to be overly engrossed
you strove to stay focused
We told ourselves
out there existed too many
unaccomplished tasks awaiting

Deliberately staying
connected to the world
you encouraged my creativity
I stirred your dreams
hopes and aspirations
Each pursuing what felt
to us was our life purpose

With you by my side
my creativity took wings
You revealed how
daily thoughts of me
spurred you to exert
your greatest efforts
into your work and career

When untamed feelings
gradually subsided
we were glad we each
maintained our objectivity
Striving to develop
our own growth and talents
while growing our love
admiration and respect
for each other in leaps

By not sacrificing
our own happiness
not forgetting our goals
not losing our purposes
we upped our fulfillment
Securing happiness for
a healthy relationship

Boundless gratitude
most joyous appreciation
to you my dearest companion
I'm gladdest knowing
we are two individuals
linked at the hearts

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Love Poems for Husband -
You Are Here With Me

Glancing gently at you
Like a waterfall your soul
completely embraced my being
Filling my days with rainbows
I'm so happy and thankful
you are here for me

Walking down the aisle
meeting you halfway in vows
We promised to be there
for one another for days ahead
You've made good of your words
and I've been making mine true

There were times when
life was too much to bear
I was all fed up and grumpy
You lifted me up in spirits
and said to me tenderly
Look at the view out there
I looked and I was humbled

In spite of good intentions
sometimes we just couldn't concur
no matter how much we talked
Flaring up was never your style
You showed acceptance of me and
I appreciate the man you are

During those few occasions
where I raised a racket
operating like one on PMS
My brain fried and emotions raw
You let me wallow in my lows
and then you cracked me up
making me rise above the lows

On those long nights
when I stared at the ceiling
in bed fretting over whatnots
You pulled me into your arms
slowly diffusing my worries
Oh the feeling of being protected
is one of the sweetest feelings

Now as you laid on the couch
asleep with a drained look
The day had taken it out of you
telltale signs of the daily grind
Unconsciously you reached out
for my hand which I willingly gave
while my heart silently pledged

Intertwining fingers with yours
I smiled a little smile
You were always there for me
the near hair-pulling epsiodes
the lowest periods I floundered
the happiest glorious moments
the funniest laughters in stitches

I soaked in all these special times
feeling blessed to have you with me
Imperfect moments made beautiful
because you are here with me
Journeying through life together is
so much more when it's done with you

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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