Free Romantic Love Poems

Here's some free romantic love poems to set you deeper into the loving mode.

Free Romantic Love Poems

Love is a beautiful feeling that puts a magical touch even on stuff most ordinary.

I've selected three short love poems to share on this page that highlight the various aspects of love - wishes, hopes, experiences.

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Free Romantic Love Poems -
So In Love

Beautiful blue skies
Seagulls flying in the air
Ducks swimming in the waters
Swans moving gracefully in pairs
Hand in hand we stroll
Into the golden rays of sunshine
Where the long straight path ahead
Looks so promising and rosy
Where a thousand possibilities loom
A heart full of gratitude and blessings
You and I deep in conversation
Oblivious to the surroundings
Then the church bells chime
Looking at the moving hands of clock
So aware of each other's presence
Wishing this could last forever
Weaving dreams of us together
A couple so in love

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Free Romantic Love Poems -
Soaring Creativity

Why is it that when I'm in love,
My creativity is given a new pair of wings
Taking up to heights I never knew possible,
Elevating my state of creativity to soar free,
Churning out work pieces I thought impossible.

Creating almost becomes effortless these days,
With you working right beside me uplifting me,
Turning on my creativity tap into full force,
Smiling outwardly at our shared intimacy,
I love working with you working right beside me.

It's sure fun creating stuff out of simple things,
When I'm in love and happy with you in my life,
Creations take on a colorful and sparkling stance,
Emitting joy and sweet efforts for all to see,
Love is poured into each piece of creation.

Love makes creating easy play flowing so well,
Getting into the moment comes at a snap,
My experimental desire level gets stronger,
With the wish to show you a myriad of stuff,
Love makes both creating and creations work!

Love and creativity work as great partners!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Free Romantic Love Poems -
Let's Enjoy The Seas

I have a little wish in my heart
My future love would adore the seas
So we could appreciate its beauty
Taking strolls along gorgeous beaches
Listening to mellifluous echoes of waves
Drinking in bewitching views of the ocean
Letting nature wash our souls afresh
Bringing glistening love hopes to us
A mythical mermaid I never am
But surely the generous embrace
Of the endless seas could nourish one
Currents washing up against the shores
Throwing up delicate seashells of kinds
Telling tales of the journey of the waves
Singing the life stories of the seas
Shimmering gold lightly bouncing off
The mesmerizing turquoise waters
Unveiling the magnificence and glory
Of large bodies of waters over miles
Dwarfing the peaceful surroundings
Making me realize how very small
I really am standing next to the ocean
Yet being there connects me to a vastness
I couldn't even begin to comprehend
But could only feel within my being
Linking me to the mysterious universe
Bringing me a sense of serenity and hope
Sharing this resplendent beauty
On many days with the one I love
Would be such a priceless gift to behold

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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