True Love Poem

Looking for a true love poem that spills the beans on how it feels like to experience a love that's true and worthy?

Here's one to send your spirit soaring and hopefully give you enough inspiration to write your own poem.

I prefer an easy way to love. A love where I'm easily more smiles than tears, where I don't feel like many times I have to fight for love, and when I can openly and freely love with all my heart.

Bask in the glowing light of your love!

True Love Poem

True Love Poem

True love is such a precious gem
when you did find it hold on to it
don't let it slip through your fingers
having someone who truly loves you
the way you are as a unique individual
is simply a wondrous unsurpassed feeling
certainly can't be bought with money
can't be negotiated can't be forced upon
so when you encounter it please cherish it
cherish the heart that loves you courageously
cherish the love that brings out the best in you

The stars in the sky illuminate brighter
the echoes of the waves sound more welcoming
the fragrances of flowers smell more enticing
when you have your true love beside you
when you have your true love in your heart
when you open your heart to let your love in
your heart expands a lot more and this time
someone else's welfare is on your priority list
where you care for your love on a deep level
where you think of another other than yourself
and you can't imagine being without your love

Suddenly the happiness of another really matters
when you see your love happy your entire being
explodes into thousand fragments of sparkles
a definite glance your true love throws your way
brings a smile so big and broad on your face
a firm touch bold like a dauntless lion
stirs up a gentle warmth that spreads all over
a silky kiss fanning your soul into a fire
burning up with such intense suffusing passion
all because you know your guy truly loves you
crystallizing in your mind a love so rarefied

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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