Love Poems for Him

Below are two poems specially created as Love Poems for Him.

Your guy will love it when you shower him with such attention and express how you adore him through romantic poems.

It's best when you can write out your own poem in your own words. The following will give you the needed inspiration to pen down your own romantic love poem!

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Love Poems for Him

Love Poems for Him -
Angel in Disguise

This moment came to a standstill
Our eyes locked into each other's
I lost awareness of my surroundings
My breaths nearly forgotten
You reached out with your thumb
Running it ever so gently
Across my slightly parted lips
I could almost hear thumping
Of my wild and restless heart
I wished I could slow it down
But it seemed not possible now
As if it might leap out of me

Breaking your eyes away from mine
You looked at my lips briefly
And you slowly bent your head down
Sealing my lips with a sweet kiss
Skyrocketing my heartbeat
To countless times a minute
Throwing my shattered thoughts
Into a thousand directions
I lost all senses of time
Desiring this moment to last
For an eternity if that could be

Pulling your head back
You looked deeply into my eyes
And you smiled a tender smile at me
Whispering words of sweet nothings
Not into my ears but into my heart
And a thought began to emerge
It gradually dawn on me
Making me wonder if you were
An angel in careful disguise
To protect me and cherish me
With your love and quiet strength
Making me understand it's safe
Once again to love with my heart...

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Love Poems for Him -
As I Race Through Life

Your love provides me shelter,
from the rain, hail, and storms of life,
that I face as I race through life.

Your embrace provides me warmth,
from the cold, harshness and stings of society,
that I endure as I race through life.

Your care provides me a garden,
where nourishment, beauty and joy blooms,
that I appreciate as I race through life.

Your eyes provide me a mirror,
where illumination, reflection and clarity speak,
that I look upon as I race through life.

Your soul provides me a key to,
where values, contentment and belonging reside,
that I grasp onto as I race through life.

Your love as I race through life,
Proves to be resilient and immeasurable,
On days where I lose sight of my bearings,
You are like a lighthouse beckoning me home.

For all that you are and how you are with me,
I'm now sending you a bright love signal,
You're someone I'll hold onto for dear life,
As I race through the rest of my life!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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