Love Poems to Boyfriends

Looking for love poems to boyfriends? Here's two to get you started.

You're probably looking for the perfect poem to give to your boyfriend. Perhaps the best one is one you write yourself, and from your heart.

I hope the below two simple poems will inspire you to write your very own and delight your boyfriend with your written piece!

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Love Poems to Boyfriends

Simple Love

When you hold my hand
in your big strong hand
I marvel at the contrast
a smile springs to my face

When I think about you
I recall moments of us
the joy on your face
bring tingles to my heart

When we kiss each other
your tenderness warms me
your sighs they tell me
how much you enjoy the kiss

When we are together
nothing out of the ordinary
movies, walks, green tea
still my love for you grows

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Your Smile

If I could only carry one image
I would carry one of you
in your happy smiling state

What a brilliant smile you have
parting the clouds giving way
to the glorious sun shining through

Raising my hopes and sense of wonder
Bringing me such encouragement
Making me feel it's worth the ride

When you spring your ready smiles
on the days when woes are heavy
you melt my frowns into tenderness

Kindness love and warmth
lighting up your whole countenance
reassuring me and pushing up my spirits

Engraving into my grateful mind
a handsome face that breaks into a smile
like a field of bright yellow sunflowers!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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