Why I Love You Poem

In love, some lovers will at some point search for a Why I Love You poem.

To some, it might be to help them to put into words their deep romantic feelings.

Why I Love You Poem

To others, it's to give them some inspiration that allows them to pen down their own version as a surprise gift to their partner.

When you are in love, you tend to experience a myriad of rich, intense emotions mostly enriched by the shared moments with your love.

At times, your partner's behavior might be bewildering and other times, bewitching. When asked to pinpoint the reason why you love that person, it might likely put you to a halt. Why do you love her? What is it about him that you totally adore about?

Why don't you slow down for awhile and run through your mind a list of "Why I Love You", and see if you can turn it into a breathtakingly romantic poem for your partner?

Why I Love You Poem

Why I love you
I asked myself too
so many times that
I've lost count
feelings aren't always the same
sometimes it's a little mild
sometimes it's a little intense

Why I love you
because you're faithful
a man who loves me and
wants to stay with me
not just for a short while
when I need you there
you can be counted on

Why I love you
because you care
to listen to what I have to say
not just pretend to listen
but you ask questions and
you check on how I am feeling
Respect is what I feel from you

Why I love you
because you let me be me
you don't only approve
of the side that pleases you
but you take in all sides of me
and that's more than I can ask
Oh I feel so appreciated

Why I love you
because despite all my quirks
you still find me cute and
you still love my person
when I'm all sweet and pretty
when I'm all teary and a mess
bad times good times all the time

Why I love you
because you make efforts
to know my family and friends
not a cynical word not a put down
they might be so very different
you try to be friendly and kind
what a considerate gesture

Why I love you
because you make my heart
jump and do funny squeezes
no one else could do that
and I think about you like
a thousand times each day
all hours of the day

Why I love you
once again I ask myself
it's not just one reason
but a multitude of feelings
it's more about how I feel
when I am with you and
how I miss you when I'm not

Baby you aren't faultless
and I am not flawless
but it feels so much better
when you and I are together
your handsome spirit just sparkles
being single has much freedom
but being with you is a kingdom

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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