Sexy Love Poem

Here's a sexy love poem to share with you.

When you're in love and there's an electrifying chemistry between two, you'll come up with incredible and creative ways to get close to one another.

Sexy Love Poem

Think back on those times where you managed to steal some kisses from your new love. Wasn't it a thrilling sensation that probably left you craving for more?

May this little poem inspire you to write your own passionate thoughts in the form of a poem and share it with your love!

The Lovers' First Kiss

Gently you turned my face towards you
I knew in that very moment what's coming
dipping your head our lips fused together
liquefying me with your fervent kisses
when the stirred up heat proved too much
away from the kiss we broke simultaneously

Shyly I turned back to stare at the screen
it wasn't for long before you turned me back
our lips once again seeking and passion flared
sending desires coursing through our bodies
quietly caressing me with your strong fingers
I undeniably sensed your flamed up passion

Our very first kisses left us wanting more
what's showing up on screen mattered little
your attention certainly wasn't on the film
you're too absorbed with ways to kiss me up
battling to keep your passion under wraps
you deftly stole kisses I readily gave away

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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