Poems about Lost Love

Looking for poems about lost love? Here's two that share about a girl's experience with lost love.

If you've been through a lost love, you would likely to resonate with the raw feelings she felt.

However, lost love doesn't mean the end of the world. It might seem as if it's the end for a period of time, but the world still goes on. And ultimately, you realize that you too go on.

The experience could leave you a stronger and better person...

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Poems about Lost Love

Poems about Love Lost -
I Lost Our Love

I lost you
I lost our love
I could not piece it back
what we had was lost
it's all gone to the wind
chasing would never ever
bring it back to where it was

The cracks slowly they came
breaking my heart into pieces
I tried to piece it back
but it just wasn't the same
and more cracklines appeared
like a broken mirror I let it go

I lost you
I lost our love
hot tears streaming down my face
heart sobbing with such grief
you became a part of my past
our love lost forever
my heart sought freedom

It was time to let go
the hurts were hurting too much
it's time for me to wake up
time to move on however hard
our love now a part of memories
I lived and I love again

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Poem about Lost Love -
Seasons of Love

Thank you for
going through the
seasons of life with me

Now that I thought
about the time shared
we had been through
bright and sunny days
cloudy and gloomy days
stormy and rainy days
cold and freezing days

I saw us running
in the rain like kids
pointing out at flowers
fresh beginnings of spring
we walked hand in hand
under the blazing hot sun
of brightly-lit summer days
we soaked up the richness
the colors the falling leaves
of the beautiful autumn daysshivering in cold and affection
through the cold wintry nights

Thank you for letting me
enjoyed all these precious
beautiful pieces of memories
I probably didn't tell you
but all these meant so much
even though these were
simple acts of couplehood
made exquisite by seasons

I didn't merely go through
the seasons of the weather
I too had tasted the
the seasons of life
so intimately with you

Thank you for letting me
get so connected with
the depth of my being
crying so hard so long
when we were apart
you let me know the pain
of being separated from
a love across the seas

Yet when we were together
so much love so much joy
your presence squeezed
my heart to almost bursting
of love and dreams and hopes
glittering like stars in sky
I dreamed of a future
with you like I never did

I dreamed so much and
so hard when I was with you
of glorious days when finally
we would prove to the world
what we had was so precious
you would become a success
and my choice had been right

Because of you
I learned to speak up my
inner feelings and thoughts
you were the first guy
I shared so many secrets with
freely pouring out my dreams
my hopes my fears my thoughts
you were the first guy
I loved so much and put
so much of my heart into

Because of you
I learned finally that
a man can only change
when he's ready to and not
because I wanted him to
it didn't work this way
I finally learned
that letting go would
be such a heart-wrenching
painful and tough process
but I had to let go

Because our paths were
probably meant to cross
for a brief moment and
then it's time to let go
you have so much
growing up to do and
I had my own evolving
to undergo too
and our paths diverged
slowly my heart healed
and I've become stronger
because of it

I've loved you and
I wish you success
happiness and love
even though our paths
are different now
I want to thank you
for being my past
as I learned to look back
with gratitude and love
and a smile for the
many moments we've shared

Thank you for
once being such an
inseparable part of my life
you came at a time
when I wanted love and
you came in to shower
me with love and letting me
see the beauty in your eyes
I thank you

Because of the time with you
I learned to appreciate
the beauty of the nature
the beauty within me
the beauty of dreams
the beauty of seasons

I no longer wait
for the storm to pass
before I enjoy the moment
I no longer wait
for the rains to pass
before I soak up the joy
now is the time for me

Thank you for
going through the
seasons of life
seasons of weather
seasons of love with me
for without you
I wouldn't be where
I am standing today
blessed and thankful

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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