Confused Love Poems

Here's two confused love poems to share about the uncertainties and confusion that could exist in our journeys towards finding true love.

Slip Roads is a poem about feeling confused over whether to continue dating a guy who though possessed good qualities, but didn't set the girl's heart meter jumping. Somehow, she just couldn't feel the romantic spark...

The other poem, Two Fallen Stars is about the uncertainty of finding true love and wondering if true love would make a tremendous difference in one's life and the lives of others.

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Confused Love Poems

Confused Love Poem -
Slip Roads

He offered his hand
to help me crossed
over slippery paths
a gentlemanly gesture

He let go when
he knew it's safe ground
till the next slip road
came into view

This happened
several times more
tricky rocky paths
buttery mud trails

There came a point
he held onto my hand
and didn't let go
I just let him be

Neither pulling away
nor holding on steadfastly
a chance for me to
assess my inner feelings

Seemingly a couple
no hastening of heartbeats
no rush of excitement
leaving behind normalcy

At that moment
I might be uncertain
overlooking the signal
of my feelings towards him

Insisting on rationality
giving it benefit of doubt
more time was needed
don't rush into a conclusion

Upon reflection now
it's a clear indication
of how I felt towards him
I just wasn't that into him

He and I were strangers
crossing paths
for possibility of love
time to move on to
the next slip road on my own

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim.
All rights reserved.

Confused Love Poem -
Two Fallen Stars

If there were two fallen stars
cast into opposite ends of the world
where each has no inkling of
the existence of the other,
would an immense hallow forms
in their heart creating a longing?
Would it compel them to search for
their missing other half to soothe
the indelible ache throbbing within?
Would they know that their true love
is unwittingly waiting somewhere
and would such a love when ignited,
shines and illuminates their lives
and the lives of those they know?
Would he be courageous and bold
enough to go on such a journey
to seek out his special fallen star
no matter where she may be?
To once again be in touch
with that definite magnificence
he knows intuitively exists in her,
sparkling up his almost faded glory
setting it all aglow once more.
Connecting two hearts
with luminescence...

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim.
All rights reserved.

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