Love You So Much Poem

Love You So Much Poem is one where you try to find the words to expose some of your deep loving thoughts about your special someone.

Here's a poem to help you initiate your own writing. Let it spark your creativity to dig your feelings and create a written piece that'll move your loved one.

When you feel someone deep in your core, you'll risk. You risk putting your heart on the line and risk being hurt. Yet, you take the risk and love with all you can.

Love You So Much Poem

Love You So Much Poem

When I close my eyes,
my mind immediately shifts to you,
you fill up all my senses darling,
I try to clear my mind with open eyes,
yet when I close my eyes again,
your masculine face sails to mind.

During the night,
when I'm awakened from sleep,
I think of you right away,
to ease myself back to sleep,
my heavy eyelids slowly close,
and there you will be.

During the day,
even when I'm busy with work,
I think of you now and then,
without closing my eyes,
I can see you in my mind,
ever so close to my heart.

When I think of you,
a sweetness stirs within,
a man of few words,
you show more than you tell,
there's something about you,
that's beckoning me to you.

Through your sporadic words,
I'm drawn to decipher its meaning,
through your distinct actions,
I'm attracted to know more of you,
through your tender kisses,
I feel like asking for more.

Cloudy doubts worry me,
will you still be happy with me,
tomorrow or the days after?
Uncertainties penetrate me,
will you love me for what I am,
despite the seasons of life?

Ambiguities assault me,
will you be disappointed,
when you discovered my cracks?
Fears gnaw at me occasionally,
will you leave or will you stay,
when difficulties create a rift?

My darling to fall for you,
is one of the easiest things,
as you are a man easy to love,
yet to maintain and grow this love,
takes courage, efforts and faith,
And I love you so much this I know.

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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