Love Poems to My Wife

Here's two Love Poems to My Wife which I hope will inspire you to write your own poem, dedicated to your wife.

I've written these in the hope to get you penning your own to show your wife how much you treasure, value and adore her.

Having a good life partner and wife is one of the greatest blessings a man could ever have. Countless things and events could change, but when you have the heart of a devoted woman, you know it's a rare treasure that's beyond measure. Pay tribute to the love of your life with the song of poems.

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Love Poems to My Wife

Love Poems to My Wife -
Miracles of Sunset Days

You've been kindling my days
With vibrant spectrum of yellow
Orange and red rays of the sunset
Being with you set my heart aglow
Rendering me ever so appreciative
To enjoy a love full of glory

Over the years we've saved up and
Built up golden hues of memories
For whenever I turn around to look
Your eyes hold such abundant warmth
Leaving soft traces of tenderness
Stirring the depths of my being

My sunset catcher I now proclaim
If sunsets are my favorite times
You are the one I shall embark
On this golden journey forever more
Basking in the glorious afterglow
Of the world finishing off a full day

Catching on to the remnants of
Scattering showers of gold freckles
Bringing to mind of invincible hopes
For yet another better tomorrow
Drawing our eyes and hearts to
Unspoken miracles of sunset days

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Love Poems to My Wife -
My Warrior Wife

As I fought each battle with my very best
Out there in the concrete urban jungle
With no weapons but hard work and a keen mind
You were there to applaud my triumphs
Emboldening me with your quiet strength
Taking care of affairs with your adeptness
Letting me fully concentrate on my battles
An undefeated warrior wife you've proven to be
Becoming a pillar of strength in our stronghold
Your courage turned me into a strong warrior
With a desire to protect and provide for you
During times when I did lose a battle
You restored me with your great balance
Telling me with conviction that
I've fought through all those tough times
And not to give up at this crucial moment
Your unceasing faith in me never failed
To show proof of your beautiful character
How I would kneel and thank the heavens
For the fateful day we met and ultimately
Transformed you into my faithful companion
To journey through this path we call life
You are such a treasured prize to me
Exhibiting traits of a lady warrior
Compelling me to be on my toes and be my best
Should I ever falter in my footsteps
You'll be there with your steel of
Faith and trust in me bright your eyes
How could I ever not respond to your
Inner battle cries and be moved into action
To challenge myself for battles that stand
For everything I am and strive to be
I've fought so hard for our castle of dreams
And I'll make you my proud warrior wife!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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