Deep Romantic Love Poems

Here's two deep romantic love poems to set you thinking about the power of a love you share deeply with another soul.

May these stir your emotions and set you inspired in creating your own romantic poetry that delights your loved one immensely.

Deep love, like wine, takes time to grow and mature. It takes a lot more to see beyond and into the heart of the other to arise within your heart, a conviction and devotion to that one person.

When you love another deeply, you tend to trust that person and open up your heart to openly communicate with him or her at a deeper level.

May you find the words to express what's lying buried in your heart!

Deep Romantic Love Poems

Deep Romantic Love Poems -
Deep Story-Telling

Drawing out those stories and tales,
I've weaved and packed up in my heart,
Because you safeguard my heart stories,
You make me feel emotions I've not felt,
With another being on this earth before,
Easing the lock to my heart's library,
Spilling forth one parable after another,
Revealing so much of my life pages to you,
Leaving me in an exposed vulnerable state,
Yet you look at me with such knowing eyes,
As if to tell me to trust you with my heart,
And to trust you with my world of chronicles,
As your listen to my deep story-telling,
I can sense no judgement no criticism from you,
But lots of patience, acceptance, and warmth,
Seeking to tune in to my world of sequels,
Soaking up my narratives like a sponge,
You will me to trust you with my stories,
To unveil my anecdotes never given voice,
Savoring my stories brings us closer,
Connecting you and me at a soul level,
You reach me like no one has ever done,
Elevating my sense of being accepted
Bringing a divine feeling to our love.

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Deep Romantic Love Poems -
Our Guiding Love

You tenderly took my hands
into your warm and sturdy hands
You look feelingly into my eyes
Love gleaming brightly in yours
My heart went on an elated dance
rhythm of our love sent me reeling
How I felt I had captured wonder
to have such a great guy like you
to create memories with in my life
to rejoice in the triumphs of life
to recover from the falls of life
to overcome the thrown surprises
Yet each step was made meaningful
when taken in steps with you
There seemed to be an unexplainable
and unspeakable divinity
when two simple souls connected
at the basic heart level
As the seasons changed colors
As the autumn breezes blew
as the autumn leaves whispered
our love guided me in my journey
giving me the strength and courage
to remain authentic and to always
take actions that support and grow
this precious love intimately built
out of our commitment to each other
where we enjoyed roses and rainbows
Our love is like a guiding hand
Guiding me in all that I do.

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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