Miss You Love Poems

Miss you love poems illustrate the longing and aching for someone you love.

Here's two romantic poems to express the feeling of being apart from someone you hold dearly in your heart.

Miss You Love Poems

When you're fresh in love, even a single day of not being together can make you miss that person intensely.

Sometimes even something trivia could set the two of you apart for a short while till you reconcile. But meanwhile, your heart is heavy and sad, and you miss that person terribly.

May these love poems resonate with your inner feelings. Take the time to write down your own poem to show your special someone how much they're missed when you're apart.

Miss You Love Poems -
I Miss You My Love

I miss you my love
when I don't get to see you
it might only be a day ago
when we were last together
yet it feels like a long time ago

When you tell me you miss me
a warmth fills my heart
as I certainly reciprocate
the way you're feeling towards me
how I wish you are here this instant

Maybe I wish the days would fly
till the day I could see you again
yet when we are together
I wish time would slow down some
extending the minutes spent together

At night you'll tell me you hope
I would appear in your dreams
you don't know yet but it's easy
for you to appear in my dreams
as I miss you during the day and night

Days spent with you are wonderful
but for those days without you
life goes on and I must continue
to stand alone in my daily challenges
expanding my life and our precious love

Missing you is a sweet distraction
a yearning to be in your presence
missing you make me more determined
to live out my days more courageously
till I next meet you hand in hand again

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Miss You Love Poems -
We Had a Few Words

Rain falling softly on me
wishing it would continue on
mixing teardrops with raindrops
washing off the bleakness of heart

Exchanging a few words with you
turning my world upside down
withering a part of me like a rose
sensing within me you too are bruised

Squabbling between lovers ordinary
overcoming of conflicts lovingly
patiently growing the relationship
strengthening the foundation of love

Missing you so much in the now
seeing your beloved face everywhere
tickling hours flow slowly by
building up my longing for you

Stretching a minute into an hour
diminishing the issue we fought over
magnifying the intensity of your love
defying all reasons I miss you so much

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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