Haiku Love Poems About First Dates

For our first dates
Expert advised to talk less
Ask him more questions

Still my beating heart
Listen to what it's saying
About the new guy

I saw you right there
Amidst anxious waiting crowd
You kept to your date

No pulse quickening
Talking in normal fashion
No more fantasies

The moment I turned
Your eyes were all fixed on me
I just smiled right back

Sitting next to me
Animated expressions
What is on your mind?

You seemed interested
Looking for signals and codes
You covered my hands

You listened to me
With your keen enthusiasm
I think I like you

Every now and then
You reached out to touch my arm
As acknowledgement

Several first dates
Don't always lead to something
Move on graciously

Big smile and kindness
Real respect for us women
Make you a good date

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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