Haiku Love Poems
For Valentine's Day

A box of kisses
To substitute real kisses
Melting in your mouth

Adoration grows
Out of my deep affection
Be my valentine!

Thoughts of you my dear
Blooms mindlessly all over
I really "heart" you

Love has flying wings
Floating up into blue sky
Spelling I love you

You might not have known
How I wish you were all mine
A dream coming true

Not looking at you
Doesn't mean I don't see you
You live in my heart

On Valentine's Day
Only you could light me up
With your loving heart

Love fills up the air
On this special lovers' day
Will you be with me?

Put my hands in yours
You said the heart-melting words
You really love me

Your two sparkling eyes
Convey so much about you
No one else could do

As more time passes
The more realization hits
You and I are one

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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