Haiku Love Poems by Tanja Cilia

I'm pleased to present to you a collection of love haikus by my friend, Tanja Cilia.

A columnist and feature writer, she lives in the beautiful Malta in Europe, with her husband and three children. Tanja writes poetry to relax herself.

A hand-knitted shawl -
The gift that gives twice over...
With warmth and with love.

Always heed instinct:
If it sounds too good to be...
Chances are it's not.

Earth’s priceless treasures –
Wealth beyond my wildest dreams...
Worthless, without you.

Fire in your eyes,
Alternating with deep peace...
That’s why I love you.

Float free of fetters;
Fly with me to heaven’s door;
Forget gravity.

For better, for worse,
Church bells echoed in my head...
When I met you!

I don’t know whether
He loves me, he loves me not;
The daisy decides.

I’m feeling so cold;
Be my sunshine, warm my heart...
Frost kills emotions.

My eyes speak volumes;
Poetry that is not written,
Words best left unsaid.

Ply me with kisses
Fill my life with hugs and warmth –
I’ll need nothing else.

Respite from the wind;
Space and time cease to exist...
When I’m in your arms.

Sheaves of love-letters
Written in the spring of love...
Turning dank with mould.

Shimmer and glimmer
Stars that make your eyes shine bright...
Because you love me.

Violet, velvet nights.
Skies studded with twinkling stars...
So close, yet so far.

Wedding bells ring loud
Drowning out all other sounds;
The way things should be!

When the stars go out
When darkness envelops me
Love shines anyway.

You say you love me;
Fine words butter no parsnips...
Should I believe you?

You're my umbrella...
Protection from rain and sleet -
And the summer sun!

Love Is... Haikus

Love is a biscuit -
Spread with jam or dunked in tea
According to mood.

Love is a hairnet
Catches stray strands and hold them...
Gently, and softly.

Love is a melon
Succulent flesh, ugly skin;
Appearances lie.

Love is a mirror
Reflected affinity
In each other's eyes.

Love is a rose bush
Looked after, it will flourish;
Neglected, it dies.

Love is a window;
Look inside; you see your soul -
Look out, see the world.

Love is an apple
Make apple pies or cider –
It’s your decision.

Love is an orange;
Squeeze out the last single drop...
Then make candied peel.

Love is like a pear...
The bottom line is heavy,
But it sounds like “two”.

Love is like a plum
That when not cherished enough
It becomes a prune.

Love's a banana –
Yellow outside, white inside...
Afraid, yet tender.

Love's a bicycle.
Two wheels moving in tandem
Like kindred spirits.

Love's a unicorn;
Unusual, mythical mount...
A lifetime's partner.

Love’s a strawberry:
Good with either cream or milk...
But shaped like a tear.

Love's a tangerine –
Easy peel, many segments...
Fragrant smell lingers.

Copyright © 2009 Tanja Cilia. All rights reserved.

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