Short Teenage Love Poems

Here's some short teenage love poems that describe the abundance of strong emotions teenagers find themselves going through at a young age.

Ah... the great passion that young lovers possess for their loved ones... The love feels so real, the emotions feel so raw... Enjoy these poems!

Teenage Love Poems

Heart To the Moon

Whenever my eyes set upon you
My heart goes flying to the moon
When you are sitting near me
I wish you would stay forever
When you look at me and smile
You steal all my breath away!

by Fion Lim

Images of You

On this very quiet night
My thoughts are racing mad
Each fills up with images of you
Your face already engraved in my heart
Expressions, laughters, moments
Bountiful memories of you, and with you

by Fion Lim

It's Only You

If there's one person I yearn for
It would definitely be you
There are billions of people
Yet my heart only longs for you
No one else could do, it's only you

by Fion Lim

Love at First Sight

How could you not see
I truly deeply care about you?
How could you not sense
My heart beats only for you?
How could you not know
I love you since first sight?

by Fion Lim

Missing You Like Crazy

There's ever fresh temptations out there
Yet they are of no consequences to me
You hold the answers to questions of my heart
You who captured my heart and treasuring it
Making me miss you like crazy even though
You might just be sitting right next to me

by Fion Lim

The Stars Know

I'm receptive to your presence in my life
I'm open to loving you with all my being
I'm accepting your love for what is
But do you know my love for you
Runs a long way down the calendar days
Even the stars know about my secret

by Fion Lim

Theory about Love

You have a theory about love
And I willingly subscribed to that theory
If you ever changed your theory
Be sure to notify me firsthand
As I sure wanna stay subscribed
To whatever your theory of love!

by Fion Lim

Tree and Love

You planted a tree for us
Saying that growing the tree
Is similar to growing our love
The tree is symbolic of our love
Always growing and always strong

by Fion Lim

Tumultuous Love

What is it that you do to me
Causing my heart to flip in somersaults
Shooting my emotions up and down
Riding a chariot through fires
through palaces and through arenas
Yet I came out surviving and loving you!

by Fion Lim

Unexpected Love Blooms

I didn't expect to fall in love with you
Yet you bring to me a love so joyous
I wouldn't exchange it for gold or diamonds
Geting to watch our love blooms so beautifully
Is one of the best things ever happened to me

by Fion Lim

You Were There for Me

We might be young in years
Yet our love is beyond our ages
Beyond words and imagination
You stand behind your love for me
By being there always for me
During all the times I needed you most

by Fion Lim

Your Sweet Presence

My heart was dull and indifferent
Till your arrival made it came alive
Now it's throbbing with a strong passion
Stirred by precious moments spent with you
Your loving presence lit up my world so sweetly

by Fion Lim

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