Short Cute Love Poems

Short cute love poems clearly highlight the spontaneous acts couples might engage in when they are in love.

When you're so in love with another, it's rather natural and unavoidable that you'll do some silly or crazy little things that mean insanity to others but mean sweetness to you.

Loving thoughts in a love-dizzy mind produce some unimaginable little acts as seen from these poems...

Cute Love Poems

Our Little Dance

Our little dance in the kitchen
With you and me in our pyjamas
Twirling around in untrained moves
Shabbiness of dance mattered naught
The sign of a couple fresh in love

by Fion Lim

Piggy Back Rides

Squating down to let me up
I latched onto your back in delight
With masculine strong strides
You steadily carried me across
The joy of a piggy-back ride!

by Fion Lim

Love Fool

I never knew the risks
My heart would undertake
When it fell in love
Pushing every inch of fear
Out of a mind filled with love
Doing things like a love fool does

by Fion Lim

Goofy Grin

It's silly how
Holding a mug of hot cocoa
Stirred up memories of us together
Lighting up my face with a big goofy grin!

by Fion Lim

Trying to Impress

Asking you about clouds
You jumped on the chance to elaborate
Till you realized your knowledge fled you
A sheepish grin shown as you confessed
"I was trying to impress you."

by Fion Lim

How Do I Know

People asked how do I know it's love
Pausing in thoughts for some moments
Answer speaking to me like breaking dawn
Thoughts of you exceeded thoughts of me

by Fion Lim

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