Short Love Birthday Poem

Is your beloved's birthday coming up? Here's where you can pick a love birthday poem to share with your special one.

Guys: I've written several poems that's very nice for a girlfriend's birthday, because sometimes you just need a little dose of inspiration to write in your greeting cards. ;-)

Girls: I've also written a few that'll be sweet for a boyfriend's birthday to let you express your appreciation for the man in your life.

OK, then the rest will be apt for a spouse's birthday.

If you're feeling a little adventurous, you can even choose to edit the poem a little to suit your needs before using it in your personal greeting birthday card! Enjoy!

Love Birthday Poem

25 Years Ago

25 years ago an important date was made
My love you were created on that day
Leaving my heart most joyous today
Because if it wasn't for that day
I might have missed out on
Being with you who makes my heart sing!

by Fion Lim

Oh My Love

Oh my love it's your birthday today
I wish I was Romeo with his romanticism
I wish I could profess my love like a poet does
I wish I could sing praises of you like the lark calls
But words are just not enough to express my love for you!

by Fion Lim

A Red Letter Day

Today carries a special significance
Signfying another milestone for you my dear
How I marvel at your growth in the last 365 days
As you revealed more of your beauty and grace
Molded by the experiences of yesterdays gone by
Marking this yet another scarlet day for you and me

by Fion Lim

You Are King

Today I'll let you play king
I'll let you win in more ways than one
Just for this one day out of the year
Your wish is my command so uses it well
Your birthday is the crown you wear today!

by Fion Lim

Peals of Laughter

My beautiful angel
Today peals of laughter will be heard
Echoing throughout wherever you go
The special order of the day is
Celebration of your descent to earth
Blessing my life in most beautiful ways!

by Fion Lim

My Birthday Girl

I wish I could count all the ways
You make me feel so special to have you
I wish I could record down
Each and every episode I felt so happy with you
But the memories are innumerable and everywhere
You're truly my greatest birthday girl!

by Fion Lim

My Sweetest Guy

To be with you is to love you
You're the most affectionate being
In the whole of my little universe
Your warmth and hugs are unsurpassable
Happy Birthday, my sweetest guy!

by Fion Lim

Glittering Love

Each time every year on this day
My heart is almost bursting with
An inexpressible sense of gratitude
For the world gifted you to the world
Shining my life with your glittering love
Happy Birthday my sweetheart dearest

by Fion Lim

Each Day I Live

Each day I live I strive to be
The best spouse I could ever be
Yet the truth is I fail on occasions
My flaws might seem a little obvious at times
But nothing could overshadow my love for you
Happy Birthday to someone loving and amazing!

by Fion Lim

Special Menu

Menu for today:
Free flow of kisses and hugs
Unlimited doses of affection
Strawberries chocolate and champagne
Imagining shapes from the clouds
Charges: Your absolute enjoyment!

by Fion Lim

Birthday Spin

Happy Birthday my sweet
Here's a heartfelt wish for you
To experience deep love with me
Wherever you go in days ahead
May you always easily find in me
Love that spins your world around

by Fion Lim

Love You Always

Love how you're at peace with your age
Love how gorgeous you look with your lines
Love how you ooze manliness and charm
Love how you bring out my femininity with ease
Love how you still make my heart beats fast
Love you beyond what mere words could express

by Fion Lim

My Missing Breaths

Be still and lean in close
Look at me and listen to me
Not to my words but my breathing
How you make me miss my breaths
For the love we've both created
Sometimes take my breath away

by Fion Lim

Standing Beside You

Standing right beside you
Make my heart seems lighter
With you around the world
Just appears a shade softer
More smiling and friendly people
Must be the touch of your love!

by Fion Lim

More than Enough

Birthday is a chance for me
To tell you the truth I'm withholding
To expose the secret hiding in my heart
About how I love you so and your love
Is more than enough to float my heart around!

by Fion Lim


You let me feel like an adored woman
You are always there whether rain or shine
You never belittle my feelings in any way
Letting me taking pride in who I am
Proud to be with a wonderful man like you
Happy Birthday my love and be what you are!

by Fion Lim

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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