Short Christmas Love Poems

Here's a collection of short Christmas love poems which will find a great place in your personal greeting cards.

Whether you're looking for a poem for your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, be sure to check out the poems below and see if they fit well and express what you've wanted to say.

If a poem doesn't fit 100%, be your own Santa Claus and tailor it to suit your heart's desire. Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! :)

Be Merry This Christmas

Christmas Love Poems

Allow yourself to be all dolled up
Put on your sexiest dress you could
Thickening your lashes with mascara
Coloring your lips in passionate red
Allow me to be your chosen gentleman
Allow us to be merry this Christmas!

by Fion Lim

Best Christmas Gift

Your diamond-studded eyes
Shining like bright twinkling stars
Melting my heart like a beautiful angel
Being loved by you is what I would declare
The best Christmas gift ever in my life!

by Fion Lim

Don't Wanna Be Alone

On Christmas day
Let me not be alone
Let me celebrate this day
With you whom I love madly
You won't be back for awhile
And my heart misses you deeply
Please remember our date on Christmas!

by Fion Lim

Embracing the Season

Softness fills the air
People are getting friendlier
Maybe my eyes are playing tricks
But one thing I can be sure of
I'll be wrapped up in love
As we embrace the season together!

by Fion Lim

Every Christmas

As this Christmas draws near
Memories of yester Christmases hold dear
Each filled with love, warmth, laughter and joy
Each year special and sweet because of you
For Christmas is the time to be touched
By the magic of merriment and your love

by Fion Lim

Hard to Surprise

I'm one hard to be surprised gal
Yet you surprised me in
More ways than I could ever imagine
Going away together with you for Christmas
Is a huge surprise which I'm absolutely
Looking forward to with all my heart!

by Fion Lim

If It's Up To Me

If it's up to me I'll bring you
To the most romantic faraway place
If it's up to me I'll buy you
The most expensive gift a man could afford
But for now let's us be happy
To have each other for Christmas!

by Fion Lim

Loving Christmas

Oh how I love Christmases
This year is going to be extra special
For I have you to spend it with
That makes it all the more wonderful
For it's a chance to indulge
In the beauty of the season and our love!

by Fion Lim

Soft Christmas Snow

The snow is softly falling
A fluff of whiteness surrounds
The air is cold and crisp
My heart is burning warm
For it's the season when I feel
Sweetly wrapped up in your love

by Fion Lim

Toast to Christmas

Toast to Christmas
Toast to our love
Toast to the merry season
Where our hearts rejoice
Where our love stands
Where you and I are intertwined

by Fion Lim

Winter Christmas Kiss

On this snowy day
Where cheer is strong
Where mood turns gaily
Let's me give a kiss
To the one I truly love
On beautiful Christmas Day

by Fion Lim

You Are Enough For Christmas

I don't need presents
I don't need twinkling lights
I don't need Santa Claus
If it means I don't have you with me
My one and only wish on my gift list
Is to have you spend this day with me!

by Fion Lim

You Calm Me Down

Nearly Up to my ears in shopping
All knotted up and nearly bonkers
Frantic wrapping of endless presents
You gently pulled me away from the chaos
Giving me the most timely massage ever
Erasing away all the knots of anxiety!

by Fion Lim

You Melt Me Like Snow

Beautiful caroling filled the air
Till there's a knock on my door
Opening up I saw you standing there
You sang me the sweetest carol ever
Melting my heart like the softest snow

by Fion Lim

You're My Christmas

Christmas is coming
I made a list of your sweetness
And the list turned out to be long
The paper has gotten some tear stains too
As I cried while I remembered your loving acts
Darling I love you so much and you're my Christmas!

by Fion Lim

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