Short Soul Mate Love Poems

Here's a collection of short soul mate love poems that focuses on the deep affinity, love, wishes and hopes of soulful love.

It's a kind of love that many desire and dream of, and yet not enjoyed by many. If you've found yours, cherish it with your heart and soul!

Soul Mate Love Poems

Deep Kiss

When you kiss me deep,
All reasoning escape me,
Rendering me all senseless,
Willingly surrendering to you.

by Fion Lim

Fallen Star

If I'm a fallen star,
I hope you'll be the one,
To catch me falling from above,
You won't just be holding stardust,
As you'll transform me into your angel.

by Fion Lim

Fiery Adoration

How could it be?
The ummistakable fiery adoration in your eyes,
Disarming my every layer of put up defenses,
Drawing out my every innermost thought,
Our deep connection astounds me.

by Fion Lim

Flowing Love

Journeying through love with you as a pair,
I came to see love like a flowing river,
Flowing over smooth and rough courses,
Our love is never meant to be placid,
As love is never meant to be,
Sitting still like a rock.

by Fion Lim

Following Your Lead

Dancing under moonlit sky,
I submit to your footsteps,
Blending to your moves,
Following your every lead,
Lover's paradise of bliss.

by Fion Lim

Glorious Love

It's simply amazing how,
Two human souls you and I,
Rejoice in the glory of love,
As if a miracle has unfolded,
Filling up our hearts with hope,
Lifting up our souls with a song,

by Fion Lim

My Soulmate

My other half of a soul,
My heart goes in search of you,
For the day you and I unite,
We'll have a completed soul,
Helping each other to heal.

by Fion Lim


The moment you walked into my life,
I recognized you in a heartbeat,
All my senses heightened brightly,
As we immersed in word exchange,
A wave of deep affinity surfaced,
I saw recognition in your eyes.

by Fion Lim

You Make a Difference

You may not make a difference,
To millions of lives out there,
But you make a world of difference,
To my life and my entire world,
Changing its hues with your deep love.

by Fion Lim

Same Direction

We deemed each other as soulmates,
The day we discovered we looked,
In the same outward direction,
Desiring each other as companion,
From then on we move as a pair.

by Fion Lim

Your Open Arms

In your warm embrace,
There's where I feel protected,
Like a cocoon against harshness,
Your open arms I burrow into,
Soaking up the nourishment,
Instant perk up without words.

by Fion Lim

You Unveil Me

Being with you I feel safe,
Safe in the paradise of you and me,
Where I spill out the true me,
Where I share my deepest longings,
Where I unveil my innermost core,
You draw me out like no other.

by Fion Lim

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