Modern Love Poems

Looking for some modern love poems to read? Here's two to share with you.

One is about how a woman's disheartening experience with online dating was given a nice twist, when she received an unexpected response from a dating prospect.

The other poem is to encourage women that no matter what kind of beauty she possesses, there's bound to be someone out there who'll appreciate her for what she is and to see the beauty in her.

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Modern Love Poems

Modern Love Poems -
Your Words Lit Me Up

A little disgruntled at the results
about to takeoff from this site
your email plunked into my mailbox
great timing to bring good cheer
to a mind ready to leave the scene

How refreshing your description
definitely thoughtful and witty
expressed in all positive light
never arrogant but self-assured
bringing me smiles now and then

Assumably an ace profile
among the many who winked and
a handful who ever wrote
finally a response from
an absorbing profile

The age is beyond my stated
yet there's something that pulled
if you are who you said you are
you look good for your age
your words I could click with

Capping my hope from flying
not wishing to see it dashed
it's time for me to simply enjoy
each encounter as it is and
not run ahead into the future

Taking a breath and taking it slow
let my inner wisdom be my guide
let not external judgments
opinions and voices cloud me up
let me know what's best for me

Making room in my heart for more
but not discounting any red flags
I want to know you as you are
letting us immerse in the now
allowing whatever happens happens

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Modern Love Poems -
Your Kind of Beauty

Beauty is by a man's standards
creating contrasts and choices
How fortunate that not all men
share the same choices in women
If so how characterless life would be

Just imagine for a moment
millions of men only eating
that same exact brand of
vanilla flavor ice-cream
No rum and raisins no mango tango

Just imagine for a moment
entire universe of guys
favoring only purple color
in that exact shade or hue
coloring the world visibly in purple

Just imagine for a moment
mobs of guys hunting down
the same minority of beauties
leaving behind majority of women
feeling deserted and unappreciated

What a delight that men's standards vary
colored by each man's own perceptions
giving birth to a big wide scope
of what sends his heart on an upswing
Amidst thriving in a globe of diversities

So don't be discouraged should you
encounter men who failed to
appreciate your kind of beauty
as there's bound to be other men
who'll be pleased by your special blend
of beauty mixed right tantalizing them

That's why countless brands
and ice-cream flavors pop up
That's why endless supply of colors
shades hues and tints bombard us
That's why women of different
ethnicities and looks draw raving fans

Beauty is by a man's standards
and no two men share the same agreement
on what constitute a real beauty
Women everywhere listen and take heart
Your kind of beauty is prized so rejoice!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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