Small Love Poems

Here's two small love poems to uplift your love feelings.

When two persons are in love, it's so easy to express love to each other, in many non-verbal ways. It's also the time where it's so easy for you to see how special your partner is.

But when the heat of initial love fades, you might start to forget about the importance of leaving love evidences, and there might even be times where you fail to appreciate the uniqueness of your beloved.

May these two poems remind you to continue striving to make your relationship blossom under constant care and appreciation for each other.

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Small Love Poems

Small Love Poems -
Love Clues

As you looked up at her
a twinkle gone by in a flash
never missed by the intended
her seeking eyes soaking it all up
yet oblivious to those standing close
love communicated between two
a single utterance of words not.

Love can be conveyed
by varied non-verbal clues
through mere loving glances
through warmth and comforting hugs
through passionate or soft kisses
through exchanges of little touches
through the vibes sent across.

You have the choice in your hands
to create more love in your life
by leaving oodles of love evidences
each and every day of your life.

When the right moment strikes
gently pull her into your arms
get really up close to her ear
so close it robs her of her breath
spelling the intensity of the moment
stilling seconds with speechless love

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Small Love Poems -
Special You

No one could detect the hint
of specialness radiating from you
I happen to be the one to catch it
and watch it expands in fullness
Upping my heart with hope and joy
and a definite sense of awe and love
Making me believe there'll be
A future of us together you and me
Making me believe you could be
What you have led me to believe in
A brilliant future where dreams come true
And when I next glance at you
That glint of specialness still exists
Telling me it's just for my eyes
To bring out the love in my heart
For you from now till days gone by

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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