Wedding Love Poems

Is your wedding coming up? Here's two wedding love poems to keep your spirit high and hopeful.

Getting married is such a monumental step forward in one's life. The simple thought of your wedding day is probably enough to conjure up countless images of possibilities and a myriad of emotions. Feelings associated with weddings can be intense and heightened, so poems might be a good way for you to release some of your buried sentiments. :)

The below two poems are written from a woman's perspective.

May these wedding love poems stir up enough feelings within you to inspire you to pen your own love poem for your wedding day! Remember to slow down a little and take time to truly savor the beautiful, sweet and fleeting moments of your significant day!

Wedding Love Poems

Wedding Love Poems -
I'm So Glad It's You!

The day you knelt and
proposed marriage to me
you bowled me over with joy
Dreaming so long of such a day
ever since a young woman I was
yet dejectedly through the years
there's a pile of untold moments
when my rational mind debated
the possibility of wedded bliss

Reviving all the foolishness
I've committed in the past
I've cried hot tears and
paid a price with lost years
trying to heal my wounded heart
hope dimmed and clock ticked on
I nearly bailed out on love
yet something was stirring within
and then you walked into my life

Little by little you showed me
how a good man will behave
how a man who loves will care
till I could no longer say no to
the space you occupy in my heart
Unlike all the previous times
I feel cherished like a gem
and then I know beyond any doubt
I'm very much stuck on you now

Our set date is fast approaching
my heart is surprisingly calm
I imagine us to be wed in cheer
finally legalizing our status
through paper and exchanged vows
and sealing our sincere commitment
to each other for timelessness
my wedding dream will be realized
and I'm so glad it is you!

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Wedding Love Poems -
Mr. and Mrs.

Today I'm going to be your Mrs.
from a Miss Right turning into
a Mrs. is such a transformation
but it's surely a step I am ready to
take together hand in hand with you

Reliving the moments we've shared
my heart sings with unbridled joy
we've gone through phases and trials
overcoming weakenesses and mistakes
growing and strengthening our love

Through the bad you were there
When I was at my life lows
you hang on for me to pick up
When I was uncertain and lost
there you were solid as rock
When tears flowed from my soul
your presence comforted me
When we were apart for awhile
my heart had a missing hole

Through the good you were there
Whenever with you I naturally
exuded such feminine grace
Whenever with you my eyes adored
your every move and physical form
Whenever with you your actions
showed me that I'm being cherished
Whenever with you I smiled
especially charming just for you

There's no other I want
as much as I would ever want you
There's no other I laugh
as hard as I ever laughed with you
There's no other who I can miss
as intensely as I missed you
There's no other I dream
of having a glorious future with
Being loved by you is happiness

My darling today is the day
our wedding day is finally here
where we'll become Mr. and Mrs.
There's nothing more I'm sure of
than for us to step into eternity

May we continue our love forever
where we will be there for each other
where we will appreciate each other
where we stay in love with each other
where we stay true to being Mr. and Mrs.

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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