Romantic Love Poem

Looking for a romantic love poem to stir your emotions? Here's two poems where each paints its own love story.

One is about discovering the wondrous feeling of falling in love and acknowledging the invisible hold on one's heart. The other is about saying yes and opening the gateway to a promising new relationship.

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May you find yourself in these poems and may you be inspired enough to write down your own love story! Enjoy!

Romantic Love Poem

Romantic Love Poem -
An Invisible Hold

Something invisible was sprouting
within me and it's bewildering me
consuming a good part of my thoughts

A feeling I couldn't explain
A feeling I couldn't deny
A feeling I couldn't label

The emotions were raw and real
Its hold was insistent and
expanding each time I saw you

Tried as I did to ignore it
Tried as I did to push it away
Tried as I did to dampen it

Like a lit-up burning campfire
your smiles acted to ignite
and fan the bright glowing flames

Creating an unquenchable desire
to want to see more and more of you
to be near you to be with you

When I didn't see you for days
this invisible hold strengthened
transforming into a longing

Simultaneously there's joy
in recalling those sweet moments
I had shared together with you

The day when you declared your love
in that instant moment I got it
I finally had a label for this hold

It's spelt as l-o-v-e
a romantic love I feel only for you
and it totally lit me up!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Romantic Love Poem -
Exclusive Relationship

You feel that I'm different from other girls
Could this really be?
You are so happy whenever we are together
Could this really be?
You know you want to see me and not others
Could this really be?
Am I really the one who so titillates your senses?
Am I the one you want to spend your days with?

You look at me with eyes shining with affection
Gently touching my folded hands across the table
You say you understand if I'm hesitant
As the time we dated is not so very long
You say you will wait till I'm ready to say yes
And you will continue to woo my heart over.

All these time I sit there without a word
Absorbing every single word you utter
Looking at the expressions on your face
Not wanting to interrupt you as you
Profess your desire to date me exclusively

A little frown begin to form on your face
As still not a single word comes from my mouth
Noticing the quizzical look on me
Your natural protective instinct arises
And ask if you're causing me distress
I shake my head right away and affirm no
Then you ask if I don't want to be with you
That's when I drop the teasing and
Quickly breaks into a broad smile

You look at me with confusion in your eyes
I look deep into your eyes and declare
I've been waiting for you to ask
And I'm so relishing every moment of this
How could I let this chance go by
Without giving our budding relationship a shot?
You capture my heart with your kind consideration
With your masculinity and our unmistakable chemistry
I can't believe how the hours flow by
As we relate stories experiences and random stuff

You confess whenever we are apart
Your heart misses me and of what we've shared
Images of me flash into your mind often much
You eagerly look forward to every meeting with me
That's when I smile sweetly and say yes to you.

Smilingly you pull me right into your arms
Sending lovely tingles down my spine
And you say this is only just the beginning
Of an incredible blossoming love between us
Pushing our closeness and intimacy to a new height
Unspoken promises of what tomorrow might bring...

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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