Good Love Poems

Looking for some good love poems to read? Here's two for you to enjoy.

These poems remind that each moment we stay in a love relationship is a choice. And we have it in us to grow our love relationship and that requires continuous efforts and loving acts.

Just like a garden blooming with beautiful flowers requires constant care and nourishment, so does our love relationship thrive in considerate gestures and kindness.

May you find inspiration through the below two poems!

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Good Love Poems

Good Love Poems -
We are Love Partners

I love how you boldly take initiatives
showing me you're fully up to it
taking care of me and yourself

I love how you show your masculinity
allowing me to revel in my femininity
playing to the best parts of our nature

I love how you go about your acts quietly
revealing your inner depth and character
making me willingly trust you with my heart

I love how we bring out the best
that's within each other in this love
making us compatible and great partners

Such a love doesn't come by accidentally
or out of nowhere like we're in luck
Instead it's born out of our desires
to be a great person in order to attract
another great being into our life

As we continue to step up to the plate
to be the most desirable person we can be
to the person we most love to be with
we manifest a love most enjoyable and loving

Growing such a desirable love
takes continuous efforts on both our parts
never taking for granted never faltering
affirming always our choice to be in this love!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights Reserved.

Good Love Poems -
Web of Love

Each day we live
A new opportunity arises
To form a new thread
To strengthen the web of love
We've so deliberately built
Through little loving acts
Through little kind words
Through considerate gestures

Always reminding ourselves
Not to take for granted
What is most important to us
Even on those days when we are
So busy living out our lives
We keep in mind our web of love

On some certain days
Something bad or unexpected
Caught us by surprise
Those days this web of love
Will be one standing out clearly
It'll be the lifeline we hold on
To pull us through the rough times

We begin to understand
Love takes work and not all play
Even when one thread is broken
A new one would quickly be formed
To replace the missing thread
Never letting resentment build
As we know it to be dangerous
To the well-being of our love
It could ruin all the goodness

This intricate and delicate
Web of love between us two
Consists of countless memories
Weaved in with commitment and soul
Because we share a common vision
To weave a tremendous web of love
That becomes a stronghold for us

A web of love that lasts
Through the good old days
Through the chaotic upheaval days
Through the end of our final days
A web of love weaved with
Tears sadness fears anger
Laughter patience understanding
A web of love that's nothing less
Than a great gift that's what it is

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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