I'm Sorry Love Poems

Here's two I'm Sorry Love Poems to shed light on the agony, guilt and an array of emotions a woman will likely to experience when she has made a mistake in her love relationship.

As human beings, there'll be times we can commit mistakes that can cause grieve and hurt to the one we love. During such times, when our love partner hurts, we hurt too.

May these love poems give you some comfort and may you find within yourself the courage to heal your love.

I'm Sorry Love Poems

I'm Sorry Love Poems -
Breaking Our Hearts

Hurting you is like
hurting myself in the end
hearing the pain in your voice
reduced me to powerlessness
seeing the hurt in your eyes
I wished it was me who's hurt

If I could take away your pain
I would risk it all to remove
the crack lines to your heart
to ease the pain I've caused
If I had it to do over again
I would not commit this blunder

I know I've made a bad mistake
creating breakage to our love
diminishing your perception of me
breaking your heart and mine
I'm sorry for my selfish act
for how it hurts our relationship

I regret for not weighing thrice
the consequences that could ensue
please will you forgive me?
Let me have a chance to
mend our love and make it right
I don't ever want to lose you...

My eyes they cry so hard
my heart it aches from missing you
I wish it were the old days
you and I laughing and teasing
you and I happy and glorious
I miss you and I miss us...

My love, I'm truly sorry...

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

I'm Sorry Love Poems -
Small Issue

Started out quite innocently
a simple question to him
finding his answer displeasing
I picked on underlying meanings
turning a trivial small issue
into an upsetting big matter

Fuming over his insensitivity
running worst scenarios in mind
letting fears and doubts wrap me up
allowing self-pity to wash over me
hiding and feeling sorry for myself
wallowing in self-imposed void

His text messages I ignored
signaling my vexation
causing him to retreat
to avoid agitating me more
no consoling words to soothe
driving me mad all the more

Can't he express his love more
doesn't he love me enough?
Why is he always quiet and reserved
doesn't he want more connection?
Why is he so closed-minded
doesn't he see it another way?

Time to end my own torment
releasing grievances against him
glaring observations surfaced
I did what I've warned myself
not to attempt to change a man
when I stepped into a new love

He's being himself from day one
it's me who's wanting changes
sulking in hope of getting my way
my desire to mold and change him
made me focus only on the bad
I failed to appreciate his goodness

I let unhappiness sneak in
allowing inconsequential to win
finding faults with his truths
reacting too fast too much
hurting him and me in the end
It's my mistake and I'm sorry...

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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