Heart Touching Love Poems

In love, a couple goes through many life episodes together. Below are two heart touching love poems that depict a woman's love feelings and thoughts about two very different events.

Sometimes, out of the ordinary, something happened that might make you reassess or reaffirm your choice of love. Sometimes, your feelings are so raw that words escape you to fully express the wholeness of that event to your love. But somewhere in your heart, you would have quietly etched a memory of that incident as it makes you realize once again, just how much you are in love with a person...

Heart Touching Love Poems -
Not the Last on My List

How could you say
you're placed at the last position
and that importance were on others?

Your words grieved my heart
as deep and unvoiced feelings
surged through me with tears falling

Had my small acts of love
fell through the cracks unreceived?
Could you not feel my love for you?

Yet I know you could feel me
just that your aggrieved heart
chose to deny and stay indignant

You wanted more of my time
of which I had limited of to give
leading you to feel neglected

Please darling understand that
you're important to me and
you are not the last on my list
I'm sorry if you ever felt this way

If my mind were a movie screen
you would be the hero of my movie
with us going through endless stories
the scenes might change but not you

How could I show you
I love you not only in mere words
but with my thoughts and actions
I'm so glad you are in my life

You are certainly not last
on my list if there's such a list
but there's none and I just know
you're an important part of me

Copyright © 2010 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Heart Touching Love Poems

Heart Touching Love Poems -
Old-Time Swing

Sunshine poured onto wide open fields
Glorious day it was with cool breezes
Mesmerized by this happy spring day
Spotted an old swing hanging upon
A big old oak tree looking so inviting

Kids were playing and hovering about
Waiting for my moment and my turn
When the kids deserted the swing and tree
I took my chance and quickly walked over
The strong tree took my weight with ease

You gave me a light push and off I went
Soon after I was lifted higher and higher
Transporting me back to days of girlhood
Where lighthearted days of play reigned
Where you would find me without a care

Now as you stood there watching me in awe
Up and up I took wings into the blue sky
Giggling like the girl I once used to be
Your loving gaze pinned upon my every move
My spirits took flight to sheer rapture

You smiled in response to my ready smile
And laughed with me when I did out of joy
Snapping photos of me from various angles
Willing to capture these moments forever
Sitting upon the beautiful old-time swing

How I wish our love will stand through
The test of time like this old-time swing
Giving away countless pleasure to many
How I wish our love will soar in freedom
Into the gorgeous blue sky without limits

How I wish you and I would always retain
Alluring glances of this cool spring day
That sweeten our enjoyment of each other
Old time swing, oh old time swing
How you etched a memory in our hearts

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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