Lonely Love Poems

Are you feeling the loneliness of being a single? These two lonely love poems are here to help soothe the void in your heart and to lift up your spirits!

As a single, you might have doubts and uncertainties with your future love life. It's natural.

I've been there before. And I'm sure many had too. When you're single, you long for the day when you're finally with someone or have someone to spend the holidays and Valentine's Day with. But... perhaps it's better to stand on your own than to be with someone who devalues you as a human being and partner.

But it's also healing to understand that you have the power within you to transform your love life. How? It lies in how you think and attract love.

May these two love poems about singles and loneliness encourage and comfort you!

Lonely Love Poems

Lonely Love Poems -
Attracting Love

In the journey of finding love,
attracting Mr. Right,
can sometimes seem a bit daunting.
You might feel a little dejected,
And you might even start to wonder,
the one you'll truly love,
is ever going to come along.
As you go in search of love,
then you realize you're floundering
in a pool where other singles mingle.
Naturally you might begin to question,
if you'll have to kiss many "unright" ones,
before the right one will finally come.
In the days when you feel rather down,
and you feel like quitting on love,
you gotta remind yourself gently,
to attract the kind of love,
you want into your life.
you gotta keep your spirits high,
for like attracts like.
Attract your love you will.
For you deserve one great love!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Lonely Love Poems -
Finding Love

In this big big world
chock-full of lonely hearts
seeking for their other heart
they could deeply connect with.
Some gave up in weariness and
love arrived when least expected.
Some hunted it like a prize
and dismayed at the emptiness
it created in their heart.
Some left it entirely
up to the hands of fate
and no love ever did come.
Others took actions
the rest never did
growing themselves to become
their most desirable selves,
and molding themselves into
the kind of wonderful beings
they believe their other heart
would enjoy sharing a
lifetime of love and joy with.

Men and women everywhere
hoping for an amazing person
to spend your life with,
have you become the person
to draw the kind of love who,
mirrors qualities you have
or adheres to your underlying
beliefs you carry about love?
Be aware that whoever you
attract into your life will
somehow complement your own life.
Be not hasty to chase for love,
command it to come immediately not,
take the time to be ready and
stay open and receptive to love.
When such a love does come,
it'll be with the right person,
and you know in your heart
you didn't settle just to
have someone in your life but
this one meets your standards!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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