Inspiring Love Poems

Here's two inspiring love poems to keep your love spirit flying high!

When we're love-inspired, we're more ready to give out love. We're more willing to put in efforts to grow our love relationship. Love is not made to be stagnant... It's meant to be kept alive and flowing.

When we are new in love, it's much more easy to devote more time to your partner because you two want to spend the most time together. However, as love matures, sometimes family and career might move ahead in the priority list and love might start to take a back seat.... But remember, love takes two parties to constantly nourish and grow it.

When love is fresh like bread, love can open up doors to beauty, creativity, joy and surprises...

Inspiring Love Poems

Inspiring Love Poems -
Keep Love Fresh Like Bread

Let's keep love fresh
Like a fresh loaf of bread
Soft tender and so yummy
Delighting the palate
Healthy wholesome digestible
Nutritious to the body
A loaf oh so satisfying

Let's keep love fresh
Out with the stale loaves
In with a constant supply
Of loaves so fresh and new
Just like in love
Out with the negativities
In with keeping love anew

Let's keep love fresh
In bread making recipe
Using right ingredients
Such as good flour yeast oil
Sugar salt and hot water
Crucial to sponge creation
Plenty of constant kneading
Letting the dough rise
Baking takes a little waiting
Finally pulling out a loaf
Of bread so tantalizing

Let's keep love fresh
The lesson of bread making
Works the same for love
Choosing a right partner
With the right qualities
Crucial to love successs
Nurturing it with constant care
Letting love go through phases
Growing adapting and readjusting
Produces a love so enthralling
Fulfilling and victorious

Keep love fresh like bread!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Inspiring Love Poems
Love Opens Doors -

Love opens up doors
I never knew existed

Opening the door to where
I began to drink in beauty
I see it overflowing everywhere
When I didn't notice it before

Opening the door to where
My creativity flows
My desire to create urges
And creating becomes easy

Opening the door to where
Unexpected packages of joy
Leap unto me surprising me
Making me smile more than ever

Opening the door to where
Possibilities flower aplenty
Dreams are abundant and
Courage to win becomes stronger

To love you open up doors
To the world I live in
Seeing it with new eyes
Loving the world we are in

For you open up doors
Of my heart to welcome in
The wonders of the world
And expanding it to
Encompass so much more!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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