Good Love Poem

Here's a good love poem for you to read. It can serve as a good poem for those who are dating or in a relationship.

I've written it after being inspired by some intriguing information I've gathered from various dating and relationship books and audios.

The point of how a man could be as much a hero as his woman allows him to be hit home with me. The reminder of how ridiculing or criticizing a man isn't really going to get him to change his ways is also something to ponder over.

I hope you get something out of this poem and I wish that your love relationship will thrive and bloom like a beautiful flower. Enjoy!

Good Love Poem

Good Love Poem -
Accepting Him and His Love

If he loves me he'll know what I want,
If he loves me he'll never do this to me,
If he loves me he'll change himself,
So many damaging and sorry thoughts,
Running in my mind making me wish,
He would somehow do things the way,
A mind reader would manifest my wishes.

How many times have I wanted to,
Mold my partner into the perfect one,
Instead of accepting him as he is?
Would it not make our love stronger,
Would it not make two people happier,
Would such a love not be more affectionate,
If and if I could just accept him as he is?

Before I ask of my love to change,
Should I not look at myself,
And initiate the changes within myself?
Be it an attitude, a bad habit, a weakness,
My partner is a mirror reflecting me,
Giving me a chance to grow and change.

Let me not walk into or stay in a relationship,
Demanding radical change in another being,
While I so resist being changed by someone,
Whom I so wish to see me as Ms. Right,
He could only be as much as a Mr. Right,
As much as a hero in my eyes,
If I can allow and let him be one,
Without ridiculing him to make him change
Without giving him a hard time guessing,
The source of my bottled up resentment,
Pinning the blame on him for my misery.

Only when I open up and accept him as he is,
That's perhaps when changes might start to show,
As he picks up on the vibe that it's safe,
For him to change if he's ever ready to,
Sensing from me a change in attitude,
Radiating acceptance and giving him,
The best version of a great partner that I am,
Affording him a chance to step up to the plate,
And be the great partner he could ever be.

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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