Single Love Poems

Are you feeling a little disheartened and stuck about your singlehood? Here's two single love poems written to keep your spirits up about finding your true love someday.

With no signs of love arriving anytime soon, it can lead you to feeling confused and uncertain. I've read of how love has a way of coming when we lest expect it to happen or that many successful couples found each other when they weren't looking for love!

Meanwhile, enjoy the freedom of singlehood and take the time to rejuvenate yourself, get really clear on who you're looking for and cherish your life moments. Because... when your Mr. Right comes along, he'll be taken away by your cheerful and bright personality!

Single Love Poems

Single Love Poems -
Believe in Love

I believe in love
This sincere belief came to me
One day not so long ago
After my breakup
With someone I once thought
I would spend my future with

I still believe in love
Things happened for a reason
Though I couldn't see
The connection right this moment
My heart tells me to keep believing

Love is a mere distance away
Or so I thought and hope for
Till I close my eyes
And feel abundant love welling up
Nourishing my senses and soul

I see love stories easily these days
I can't help but notice
Taking my breath away
Making my heart soars and my eyes tear
Telling myself gently I could have the same

My love would come someday
You'll walk right into my life
Just when I least expect you
Letting the realization hit me
And finally I could see the connection

Love does and can happen
When you're happy on your own
Delightful of your own being
Drawing your love to you somehow
Leading to a final match of hearts

For now keep believing in love
Believe your love he's out there
Believe he's too looking for you
Believe in it in your heart and soul
Believe in love

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Single Love Poems -
Love Hope

This deep longing within me for you
To fit the missing puzzle of my world
Never did fade away never did diminish
I might have been deceived before
But the hope still lingers on
Telling me softly to hold on
Willing me to move on

I know not for sure
When the day will come
When we would finally meet
When the moment does come
I pray I can recognize you
And seize the chance of my life
For the one true love of my life

My interest lies in the future
Where two minds
Look towards the same direction
Harboring the same goals
Where two hearts
Beat in unison and commitment
To live days filled with love...

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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