Urban Love Poems

Urban love poems express the varied choices and cares that one faces in modern dating life.

It also dips into the consideration of learning to appreciate an imperfect partner instead of letting the desire for perfection ruin a good thing.

Do you believe you can find someone who is perfect and meet all your ideal expectations of a dream mate? Do you resist or embrace the contrasts found in all areas of life, even in the area of mate selection?

May these love poems bring up some thoughts for you to think over.

Urban Love Poems

Urban Love Poems -
Imperfect Love

Do I possess perfection?
I think not as hardly anyone is perfect,
They would only appear to be perfect,
But as long as one breathes,
There's inevitably a space for cracks to show up,
Even perfection itself would be an imperfection,
Bringing to heart no joy but a baffled boredom.

Do I seek perfection in others?
Well there's obvious earthy flaws with me,
One's perfection highlights ordinariness in others,
Demoralizing souls and stomping on confidence,
I rather you be interesting than be perfect,
Be unafraid of perfection because we are not,
Now we have a common ground to laugh upon.

Do I admire perfection in others?
I might choose to indulge in that momentarily
Applauding such marvels from a safe distance
Thinking perhaps they are everything I am not,
But not tempted into wishing for a perfect me,
As such is a hard ideal to upkeep and maintain,
I prefer to make mistakes have hiccups and giggles.

Do I want perfection in my partner?
The lack of quirks usually makes a person dull,
Seemingly perfection might make me skittish,
His perfect yardstick I might never measure up,
Give me a good guy any time of the day,
A guy who loves me despite my imperfection bits,
An imperfect love is a lot more fun and uplifting!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Urban Love Poems -
Thanks for the Contrasts

Why isn't there
a single soda flavor
that pleases every tastebud?

Why isn't there
a species of flower adored
by everyone who received it?

Why isn't there
a single book recommended
by every soul who read it?

Why isn't there
a single type of woman loved
by every guy who saw her?

Why isn't there
a set of man's qualities
agreed upon by all the women?

The typical makes
selection a bland affair
yet safe and hard to be wrong

The bizarre makes heads turn
not necessarily in a good way
stirring stares and news

In-between these two
exists all grades to suit each
ensuring sustenance of varieties

Like the way of the nature
Sprouting array of possibilities
To capture fancy of different hearts

Like how free size never really
means much to anyone as long as
it fits you it's the right size

And a free size never means
it's a one size that fits all
Delight in your individual choices

Understanding you won't catch
the eye of every person out there
and you won't suit all of them

But above it all
See yourself as a niche
Connecting hearts with a few

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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