Dating Poems

Feeling down on love? Here's three dating poems to perk up your spirits. Keep believing that you deserve a wonderful person who's a good match for you.

Naturally, it can feel daunting at times after many unsuccessful dates or when there's hardly any love prospect in sight.

May these dating love poems strike a chord with you. Hopefully, you'll take away with you something meaningful and encouraging from these words!

Dating Poems

Dating Poems -
Love Tank

Have you heard?
Her love tank is running low
Gotta fill it up with more love
Gotta let her continue believing
Love is the beginning
Of all things wonderful
And endless possibilities
Love pumps up the heart beat
Makes life ride so much more
Joyful and worth the ride
Love may at times seem unreachable
But there's someone for
Everyone else in this whole world
Who'll see the magic in you
If you just open your heart up
For love to blossom in there
Some said that when it's your time
Love will track you down
Wherever you might be
Continue to be busy with living
Enjoying life and loving yourself
Love will come one unexpected day
Gotta raise her love level now
With loving thoughts of herself
Of the world of the people
And of her future love

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Dating Poems -
Planning for Love Success

Naturally assuming for years
Love is something that will come to one
We don't have to go seeking for love
I've even heard when it's your time
Love will track you down and you can't hide
But I'm finding it to the contrary

Falling in love could be such easy matter
For maybe a fraction of the population
But with such easy love does it come with
Looking in the same outward directions
Matching of life goals and common values
What are the chances of high compatibility

Later I heard from another source about
How like the rest of major life decisions
Having a plan knowing what we want
Could lead one to greater love success
Than merely going through life with a hope
That Mr. Right will someday appear in life

Having a list of deal-breakers
Could weed out unnecessary time-wasters
And heart pain somewhere down the road
Updating of this list is imperative
As we go about figuring out what works

It began to dawn upon me that perhaps
Those who enjoy successful relationships
Such love doesn't come by chance but
Rather through earnest efforts and
Changing one's attitude towards love
Becoming a great person with qualities
Attractive to the opposite gender

What the source said seems plausible
Rather than passively waiting for love
One has the power to take love matters
Into one's hands to regain one's power
In attracting possibly the best partner
And not merely hoping anyone is the one

It does feel like going to a love school
To grasp the fundamental ingredients
That make for a positive and healthy love
Taking off my blinders to the love process
I'm adopting new attitudes towards love
Claiming my own power in matters of the heart

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Dating Poems -
Put Yourself Out for Love

How can I get it through to you
in life you gotta risk sometimes
you won't always be guaranteed
success with each man you date

You gotta continue to put
yourself out there for love
You gotta keep love in your heart
so go out dress up and really date

Each Mr. Wrong that you meet
you take away a lesson with you
sure there'll mistakes you make
but don't let the hurt eat you up

You might even embarrass yourself
once or twice or even thrice
but let this matter only a little
and not let it get you all down

Each failed date bring you
an inch closer to meeting
your Mr. Right sometime in future
as you keep your hope up high

But first you gotta set a desire
you gotta make room in your heart
for a space that's available
for a man to come into your life

You gotta practice with your dates
bringing out the best of you
so when the right one comes along
you're all ready to meet him

He'll be amazed by what he sees
and feels lucky to be with you
by how wonderful you are and
you are a gift in his life

But first you gotta put
yourself out there for love
maybe risk looking like a fool
and hold on tight to your desire
for what you seek you shall find

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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