Simple Love Poems

Here's two Simple Love Poems for you to read.

One poem is about the desire of many women to seek a guy who'll stay with them through thick and thin, and who'll accept them for who they really are.

The other poem is also about the desire many women have in finding a man who has the key to unlocking their heart.

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Simple Love Poems

Simple Love Poems -
Someone Who's There

Someone who's there for us
That's what many of us are seeking for
A person who flat out accepts us and love us
And most of all be there for us

We don't need the world to be there for us
But just a single special someone to be there
We plainly long for someone to be there
To be there for us when the world isn't.

Be there through the highs of highest mountains
Be there through the lows of lowest valleys
Someone who stands by us through highs and lows
Who believes in us in coming through one fine day
And sticking with us and be with us through it all

May we have the grace to find such a love
And when we do find that special someone
May we have the sense to thank the stars above
And do the same to be there for that someone
Be there for him just as he's there for you

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Simple Love Poems -
Unlocking Love Treasure Box

I am a love treasure box
Awaiting the one with the golden key
To unlock and free up my inner jewels
Of brilliant pearls rubies and gems
Visible only to the eyes of
The one with the golden key

The world may have seen me known me
But what it captures is only
What I choose to reveal and likely
The exterior of my treasure box
Because I'm safeguarding the
Wealth of my inner treasures
To be discovered by the right one

The one with the loving intentions
Patience will and whose key
Matches the lock to my treasure box
He would be rewarded handsomely
Savoring unimaginable treasures
So lovingly preserve for his knowing

The one who finally delivers the key
Would find the prize of genuine love
Worth itself in every ounce of gold
Where days ahead would grow
Voluminous wealth of love
To bless the interlocking hearts
Consuming two for a lifetime
Fill with love commitment and joy.

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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