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On this page, you'll find "Sensual and Sexy Woman", the love poem written to encourage women to embrace their femininity and to claim their own power in being women.

The other poem is "The Fairytale" which I was inspired to write after reading about a beautiful true love story.

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Free Love Poems Online -
Sensual and Sexy Woman

Ah and so I've heard
a sensual and sexy woman
is one who thinks and believes
deep within her she is one
She doesn't have to
dress loosely to seduce
She engages no tricks no wiles
A powerful ally she has
in her everyday thinking
grooming her into what she is now
tipping her over into sensuality
Nay it's not the clothes
not the makeup not the lipstick
Rather it's the invisible vibes
she throws out in all directions
announcing the sexiness within
When she walks into a room
she knows and feels she's all sexy
heads naturally turn to stare
It's not about her average looks
not about her proper tailored suit
there's just something about her
you can't really put your finger on
Yet when she leaves your sight
you couldn't help but grasp
What a sensual and sexy being
and you know she claims her power
and absolutely adores being a woman!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Free Love Poems Online

Free Love Poems Online -
The Fairytale

They dated for the longest time
she was certain he's the one
she was always patient and
went about her love as if
marrying him was a matter of fact
something that would happen someday
She's delighted with all moments

She was as sweet as honey
a reader a teacher an art lover
she's slim and petite and loving
she adores children and fairytales
she's everything he dreamed of

He was her court jester
making her laugh and laugh
like no one else ever did
it lit him up like nothing else
something else got lit within
a strong passion for this girl

When the distance proved too much
his longing for her drew him back
his absence drove them miserable
till they were once again together
laughing like she always did
making her laugh like he always did

Allure of the big city fled
his love surpassed the city glory
and the misery cast on them both
was just not worth its salt
choosing to reside in a small town
where family and friends dwelt
their love united and blossomed

One fine day it struck his mind
plenty of nature and love there were
grateful for the lake and the forest
he was blessed beyond imagination
something else popped into mind
he wanted to listen to her laugh
everyday for the rest of his life

Gathering his wits and plans
he got down on his one knee
looking deeply into her eyes
asking her hand in marriage
with tears in her eyes she said yes
giving their fairytale love
an ending of happily ever after
the whole town cheered

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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