Long Distance Love Poem

Here's a long distance love poem that expresses fully the anguish and mixed feelings of being in a long-distance relationship.

It's never easy when you and your love partner are separated by thousands of miles. When other couples could meet everyday of the week or a few times a week, you could only contend with virtual communication without the physical presence. Such a love usually creates a deep longing for the other person. It makes the together days much sweeter but the separated days almost unbearable.

If you're in a long-distance relationship right now, remind yourself that during the days when you're apart, there's many ways for you to make your life meaningful and count till you meet up once again.

Long Distance Love Poem

Long Distance Love Poem -
Love Across Miles

Could it be possible to love till it hurts?
As I learned first-hand how bittersweet,
those feelings could be and how very possible.

Many nights I lay quietly in bed,
immeasurable sense of ache chewed at me,
those nights your absence penetrated my soul.

Knowing that miles and oceans set us apart,
pulled forth hot heart-wrenching tears,
streaking my face and the pillow wet.

Crying as if I've never cried so hard before,
ocean of tears refused to cease but flow,
carefully stifling my cries lest I caused alarm.

The tears provided some short reprieve,
while my heart missed you so very much,
I wondered how could I still carry on.

Vivid memories of moments so lovingly craved,
out of precious days stolen and spent together,
ran across the movie screen of my mind.

Those little mind movies hugged me in comfort,
till worn out from the uncontrollable sobbing,
I finally fell asleep with strained cheeks.

In dreams miles lost its power and authority,
where I could feel your warm cheeks against mine,
where my wish to be with you seemed almost real.

News of my imminent visit to your homeland,
set yours and my heart soaring in the sky,
everyday talking non-stop about my coming trip.

Many hours I caught myself imagining,
thrilling moments where we were both happy,
twisting with possibilities and interesting plots.

Days suddenly seemed to shorten as we laughed,
at thoughts of holding hands once again,
and our hearts pacified and soothed.

Nights now shone with renewed hopes and desires,
I drifted off to sleep with sweet smiles,
Willing that gladdening day to finally come.

Long distance love is not easy play,
fraught with fragile emotions and promises,
making the lows lower and highs higher.

Yet it promises of the ecstasy of reunion,
giving couples like you and me everywhere hope,
till the day we were pieced together once again!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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