Silly Love Poems

Looking for silly love poems to read? I've included on this page two cute and upbeat poems to keep you smiling about love and romance.

When you are in a relationship, your partner should be someone you feel comfortable in playing and having fun with. Both partners who are serious all the time would soon take a toll on the relationship. So do remember to inject a dose of fun and positivity every now and then to keep your romance rocking!

Look beyond the light-hearted tone of these poems and be warmed up by the hope and inspiration offered within these lines...

Silly Love Poems

Silly Love Poems -
Bacon and Egg Sandwich

You and I were hardly cooks,
Eating and savoring were our forte,
Cooking was never our strength,
Readily admitting the ins and outs,
Of a good kitchen sort of perplexed us.

Looking around uncertainly,
You starting frying streaks of bacon,
While I ran to search the Internet,
For some last minute reminder and help,
Gotta make sure my eggs would turn out fine.
Out came the golden strips of bacon,
Filling the whole kitchen with its aroma.

Now came my turn to perform,
Stirring away till it's frothy,
Two eggs with a pinch of salt,
And a dash of the good soy sauce,
Mixing and blending into a mixture.
Into the frying pan it slid,
Phew a nice-sized fried omelette!

Next came the slicing into halves,
Of warm bacon and omelette,
Sandwiched between bread and ketchup.
You and I hesitantly tucked in,
Into our combined meal creation.
Small bites turned into big ones,
Savoring our first shared cooked meal,
Finishing off with appreciative smiles.

Who could have known,
Making a trivial meal with a loved one,
Could be such fun and scored a victory,
With the prize of an edible lunch,
To satisfy both the stomachs and hearts!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Ever heard of the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr? The following is a cute romantic poem inspired by that!

Silly Love Poems -
Love Prayer

Dear Universe,
Let me have the strength
To continue my belief in love.
Let me have the courage,
To discontinue those love stories,
Never meant to have a good ending.
Let me have the wisdom,
To know when to let go,
Whom to spend time knowing,
And please let me know,
When the right one comes along!

Dear Universe,
Let me have the strength
To decide that he's the right one for me,
Let me have the courage,
To grow, transform and improve myself,
To become the kind of woman I dream to be,
Let me have the wisdom,
To make the right choices,
For the betterment of our relationship,
To let him know that I'm truly the one,
To grow a lifetime commitment with!

Dear Universe,
Let us have the strength,
To continue looking in the same direction.
Let us have the courage,
To reinvent and remake our love anew,
Into an ever growing and desirable love.
Let us have the wisdom,
To do the right acts,
To adapt and accept each other always,
To know we are blessed with each other,
And please know that,
We're very thankful having found each other!

Copyright © 2009 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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